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Brilliant Birthday Gift Ideas For Every Season

Brilliant Birthday Gift Ideas For Every Season

Gift ideas can be tough. Keelie will tell you, I struggle with this aspect of holidays and birthdays. If you’re like me, we’ve got a list of ideas for every season of the year, courtesy of Janice. I especially like her non-gift gifts – those that are event based instead of thing based. Get your mental checklist of loved ones ready and check out her article below.

When it comes to giving gifts to friends and loved ones, picking something special to them is key. You’ll also want to give them something they can use often, and enjoy using! Or, you’ll want to give the gift of a special day and memory!

There is a good chance that your closest friends have birthdays spread through the year. Maybe you have a lucky one who gets a summer birthday. Maybe an unlucky one who shares theirs with Christmas day!

No matter the seasons that you’re buying and giving your gift in, here are some special gift ideas for every season!

Birthday gift ideas for fall

Fall is a season all about coziness, warmth and chilled nights at home. So, a gift that understands and accommodates for this is a good idea! How about giving your friend a really soft and high-quality blanket? You could have it made with their initials on one corner, or in their favorite color. Apply the same logic to other items like this. How about a cute set of cushions, or a brightly colored rain coat! Do they love to go out stomping in the leaves and puddles of fall? A pair of brightly colored, awesome Wellington boots are sure to be a treat!

Birthday gift ideas for winter

spring flowers

Winter has to be one of the easiest times of the year to buy gifts for people. The shops and stores are stacked high with gift sets and special sections for each gender, age and taste.

If you have a friend who loves sharing their birthday with Christmas, add to their Christmas collection! Go for Fun Christmas Ornaments and trinkets. Or you could go for a colorful wreath or some multicolored fairy lights for their garden. Another great gift idea for this time of year is to take them out for a warming glass of mulled wine, or a creamy hot chocolate. That way, you get to give them a gift and spend time together! The weather outside might be totally miserable and gloomy, but you’re sure to put a smile on your friend’s face.

Birthday gift ideas for spring



Spring is a season all about new life and the forthcoming lighter and brighter weather. So, think about gifts and experiences that represent this! Spring colors should be light and bright, so think pastel shades like soft pink, pale yellow, mint green and baby blue for gifts. If you want to give them a gift of an experience, how about going to a farm or zoo? There will be loads of cute newborn animals to see. You might even be allowed to feed some of them!

Birthday gift ideas for summer

In the summer, the weather is likely finally good enough have fun out and about in parks, forests, and public gardens. How’s this for a great gift idea? Pick your friend up at their house, armed with a beautiful bunch of summery flowers! Once they’re in some water, take your friend out for an adventure! Anywhere outdoors with sunshine and nature and fun will be ideal to give them a summer birthday memory they’ll treasure forever!

Make Your Home Welcoming to Others

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Today, I’ve invited Jessica Moore on to share with us a few of her tips on how to prepare your home for company. It is so important to me to make certain that I have a house that people feel comfortable in. In fact, that is one of Austin’s favorite parts of our home- is that people feel welcome.

Here’s what she has to share-

Make your home welcoming to others

One of the best things about having your own place is inviting people over and having a catch up. Making your guests feel at home is a must if you’re going to invite them in. This is even more important if they are staying over! I bet we’ve all felt uncomfortable in another’s home at one point or another, so you’ll know how unpleasant it can be. 

Set the Temperature to Something Comfortable

For your guests to feel at home, make sure your home comfortable temperature wise. It should be a nice temperature. You don’t want them to feel the need to take their coats off when they enter your home.

That being said, you don’t want to have them sweating it out on your couch either. Make sure you set the temperature to a nice level. To make the home cozy, it’s as much about the atmosphere as it is about the temperature. Make sure you have comfortable cushions and throws dotted around the place to give that cozy feeling.

Keep a Selection of Drinks on Hand


Offering your guests a drink when they come to your home is just standard manners. It’s a good idea to have a selection of drinks to suit different people. Tea or coffee is my favorite. If you’re having people stay over, then you might want to have some wine or something on hand too.

Most people enjoy coffee when having a catch up with friends, so consider investing in a quality coffee to really impress them and make them feel good in your home. You can find more information on sites like

Put Together a Snack

It could even be a good idea to offer your guests a snack. You don’t need to make a 3 course meal. Simple things like cheese and crackers are a great idea. There are lots of snacks that are easy to throw together. Maybe even make gopher balls for their arrival. It’ll make them feel all the more welcome in your home!

Prep Early If They’re Staying Over


If your guests are staying over, take the time to prep early. Make sure rooms are nice and clean, and that the pillows are comfortable. If the rooms haven’t been used for a while, it might also be a good idea to make them smell good. Candles and room sprays can help!

Make Sure Your Home is Tidy

Clean up your home so guests feel more comfortable. You don’t have to gut out your home, but simply making sure everything is hygienic and there are places to sit is a good idea.

Making guests feel welcome in your home not only makes them feel good, it makes you feel good too. Having the title of great host isn’t always easy to obtain, but with these tips you should find it easier. If you have tips of your own you want to share, feel free to leave a comment. 

Getting Over The Winter Blues

I’ve invited Lesley Vaughn on today to share about her struggles with depression during the winter. She has some advice on how she deals with this time of year. There are some people that experience seasonal depressive disorder and other forms of anxiety during the winter months. This is due to the lack of light.

Here’s what she has to say.

Getting Over the Winter Blues

When Fall arrives, it can be a bit of a depressing time. The realization sets in that not only is summer over, but winter is on its way!

This feeling of slight despair can seep into all different areas of our lives. We might start to dread commuting to work in the rain. We might sweep through our diaries from October through to February and cancel all social engagements and stay at home.

However, one area of your life that you can control how you feel about is your home. It is totally possible to conquer the fall and winter blues in your house. Here’s how!

Mimic a Carefree Environment

What does this kind of thing consist of? Well, flowers and music, for two quick examples! Even if nothing pretty is now growing in your garden, the local store will have beautiful flowers in stock.

Pop a bunch of fresh flowers in every room.


Not only are you adding real life to your home, but plants and flowers in the home are proven to improve air quality. Plus, it’s a fast and easy way of adding a wonderful pop of color. Even if the windows are wet, and the sky is gray outside. Also, stick on the radio or a set of speakers.

Take a look at your light bulbs.

If they are a really low wattage, they may not be lighting the room they’re in properly. As a result, your living room might be feeling dull and dreary when a new light bulb could make all the difference. You can still get energy efficient ones that are nice and bright, so don’t worry about that either.

Consider Getting a SAD Light

Whether you are or are not affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), it could be a wise investment. Getting yourself some much-needed sun rays and Vitamin D before you leave the house in the morning will perk you right up!

Look at Your Home Decor


Pastel colors may have looked demure and lovely in the brighter months. But now, they might be making your home looked sad and washed out! Pack them away and go for richer, deeper colors. Think deep reds, forest greens, and smokey oranges. Have this color scheme spreading right across the house, so there are hints of it in every room.

In your hallway, for example, you could hang a beautiful wreath on the door, and lay a patterned burgundy rug! Check out companies like the worcester wreath company for your wreath company. Look inside charity and vintage shops for your rug.

Stay Warm

Something else you may need to tackle in your home as the days and nights get cooler is your levels of warmth. You can fill your home with the happiest music, brightest flowers and best color schemes. But if there are icicles forming on the inside of your windows, it will be no good. A heavy set of curtains can do a great job of blocking the cold out.

If your budget can stretch, consider making the upgrade to double or even triple glazing. This is a long-term solution that will keep you and your family toasty for falls and winters to come!

Be a Healthier You and Improve Your Diet With These Tips

I’ve invited Emily Racer on to share with us simple ways you can improve your diet. If you didn’t know, I lost 30 pounds a few years ago. As she shared, counting calories was my number one way to finally drop the weight.

Austin and I have both have had big success with losing weight. She has some great tips here.

Be a healthier you by changing these diet tips

We all know that eating well is a good idea for all the family. But as moms, sometimes we forget that what we consume affects our weight, energy levels and even our emotional health. Remember that to be the best wife and mother you need to feed yourself nutritious and health foods. Luckily it is possible to improve your diet in small measured ways. Read on to find out how.

Counting Your Calories

Most people groan when the subject of calorie counting comes up. Its traditionally linked to the idea of strict rules and deprivation. But the hard fact about weight management is that if you eat less and move more, you will lose weight. That is where calorie counting can be used to your advantage.

I’m not suggesting going crazy and downloading an app to record every single bit of food you have throughout the day. Who want to live like that anyway? But how about making a small change and limiting the amount of calories that you consume from processed or snack type foods? While these often taste good, they probably don’t have a huge amount of nutritional value, past giving you a burst of energy.

If you limited this type of food, you are more likely to replace it with nutrient rich fruits and vegetables, which are much better for you anyway.

Portion Control


Another small tweak to your diet that you can make is being a bit more aware of portion control. With such big portions is restaurants and fast food chains it’s very easy to constantly overeat.

Remember that your stomach is only actually the size of a large orange. So anything over that amount of food is way too much for your body to digest efficiently in one go. Also remember that if you body cannot absorb something in the right way, is much more likely to store it as fat. That’s why eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day is so much better for you.

Replace Other Foods With More Fruits and Vegetables


It’s common knowledge that fruits and vegetables are the most nutrient-dense types of food available. Most of us still don’t consume the right amount. You should be aiming for at least five portions of fruit and veg a day. Remember that if possible these should be whole (not pureed or cooked) because this changes the fiber and sugar content.

They are absorbed quicker into your system, but that means that the body doesn’t have to work as hard so their calorific value increases. Check out these delicious healthy food recipes containing lots of fruit and veg.

Clean Eating

There has been a lot in the media recently about clean eating. If you are feeling intimidated by the thought of totally makeover of your diet to make it clean, why not take a more measured step by step approach?

Make one meal or snack clean to start with. Try these black bean brownies. Or why give a clean breakfast a go? A poached egg with avocado on whole meal bread is a filling start to the day. It will also provide you with all the slow release carbohydrates and fats to keep you going through your morning.

So What if One Time Isn’t Great?

so what if one time isnt great

I was thinking through a question I was asked about trying new things in the bedroom. Specifically it was about new positions, but I think the same idea applies to trying anything new. The concern could basically be summed up this way – we’re hesitant to try new things because we’re afraid it won’t be good and it’ll ruin the mood.

This is a legitimate concern. Why mess with a good thing? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Here’s the problem – this will prevent you from ever having any spontaneity or adventure in your love life. Living in this fear will stunt your potential growth in intimacy.

What if We Don’t Want to Try Anything New?

Don’t! If you and your spouse are perfectly happy with your love life, great! I don’t want you to misinterpret what I’m saying as a slap on the wrist, and a shaking head saying “you’re doing it wrong!”

That being said, are you sure you’re both happy? Have you and your spouse had a frank and direct conversation about it? If not, you should. Sometimes one partner is interested in trying something, but doesn’t want to say anything.

Ok, you’ve talked, you’ve been honest with each other, and everybody’s satisfied with the way things are. Wonderful! Celebrate together. And then ask again in a few years… 😉

What if We Try Something New and It’s Not Amazing?

Anytime you try something new in life, there’s a few possible outcomes:

  1. It’s amazing! Congratulations, you just found something you love. Remember it, and do it again.
  2. It’s meh. You decide to get adventurous, go out on a limb, and… it’s ok. Well, decide if it’s worth doing again. Maybe try it again later. Or, just, whatever. Not a big deal!
  3. It’s terrible. That’s ok!

Well, it’s not ok, but it’s not going to devastate your love life. This is what I want to address. When it’s just no good whatsoever. Even this can have varying levels. You try a new position and it’s just not any good. At all. Like, we never wanna do that again. Don’t worry about it. Go to a different position. You tried rocky road and didn’t like it. Drop back into that tried and true vanilla yall both love.

Then there’s the worst possible scenario. We’re talking pain, embarrassment, catastrophic loss of balance, whatever! Maybe it’s too late to go back to vanilla. That’s ok!

Thousands of Tries

Here’s what dawned on me while thinking this through – you are going to be intimate with your spouse thousands of times! I mean, do the math. Ideally, you’ll be married for years, decades even. How often are you and your spouse intimate? Now multiply that by 30, 40, 50 years. Yeah, I know, right?!

Now let’s put something into perspective. What if you tried something new every month? That’s high, but what if? Assume every one of those are absolutely terrible. They won’t be, but what if? Now, multiply that out. Do some more math and divide that into your total amount. What do you get? One percent? Less?

Think about that! If one percent of the meals you ate at a restaurant were terrible, would you abandon all hope and never go out to eat again? If one percent of movies you saw in the theater were real stinkers, would you stop going to the movies? Of course not!

And remember, that was all assuming that every attempt was terrible. But what if even half of them were somewhere on the meh-to-amazing side of the spectrum? That’s a lot of great things to discover!

Love Hope Adventure

marriage is founded on love

You need adventure in your life. You need new in your life. Decide that you and your spouse are going to treat this life like an adventure. Go to that new restaurant on your next date night. Buy that different style shirt your spouse has been hinting at. Try something new in the bedroom.

Go on an adventure!

Are you and your spouse afraid to try something new? What’s holding you back? Sound off in the comments below!

Maintenance in Your Marriage – Remodel the Kitchen

Maintenance in Marraige Remodel the Kitchen

Just like your car, your house, or even your teeth, our marriages need regular maintenance. There’s regular, everyday maintenance. Then you have to take care of the less frequent, but still routine jobs. Unfortunately, many marriages will also face major remodeling projects.

Little drips add up

water drip

When we first moved into our current home, one of Keelie’s favorite features was the kitchen skylight. I wasn’t crazy about, because I knew what was coming. Sure enough, during hard rain storms, we started seeing little drips. Little drips left little stains on the ceiling. Then the little drips got bigger, and started coming from more spots. We called in a roofer to seal some nail holes and it stopped. Until it started again. Eventually we called the roofers back and had them remove the skylight and board it up. At this point, it was fixed and we didn’t have to replace large sections of the roof and kitchen ceiling/walls. It could’ve been a lot worse.

Thankfully, we addressed the problem in time.

If a couple isn’t performing routine maintenance on the marriage, little problems can start forming. It could be hurt feelings, resentment, miscommunication, etc. Those problems can grow into poor communication habits, loss of intimacy, frequent disagreements, and worse. Recognize those issues and do the small repair jobs that it takes to keep them small.

Time for an overhaul

When these little problems are left to grow for too long, you can end up with major marriage-threatening crises. If we hadn’t addressed our roof leak issue when we did, we could’ve ended up with a destroyed kitchen in need of a total remodel. We’re talking ripping out walls, tearing up the floor, installing new cabinets, maybe even replacing appliances. Putting a pan under the drips is comically useless when your ceiling is falling in. This is gonna require some outside help, it’s gonna take a lot of time, and it will cost a lot.

This can happen in our marriages. When a marriage gets to this point, it’s time for drastic measures. It’s time to re-evaluate and assess everything. Where is the damage in the relationship? What is the original source? You’re probably going to find a tangled up mess of problems that have come together to wreck the marriage. Sometimes you can trace it back to a single point, like the one leak in the roof that started it all. You may discover that it’s a constellation of failures on both parts.

If your marriage is in this situation, you should consider outside help. Call your support system. Go to your pastor. Call a marriage counselor. If you’re thinking, “that sounds pretty involved, maybe even expensive,” you’re right. At this point in the marriage, it’s time to hunker down for some hard work. This kind of marital problem is going away after a short talk. A date and a gift isn’t the solution. We’ve entered the type of maintenance project that takes months, maybe years.

What’s it worth to you?

Many couples don’t make it through this kind of crisis. I always counsel people to ask themselves a question when they realize they’ve gotten to this point: What’s worse, staying in the marriage or ending it? I hear this thought expresses a lot, “It will just be better when we’re divorced.” Really? You think so? Don’t ever think that divorce is the end of your problems or your relationship with your spouse. This is especially true if you have kids. So again, what’s worse?

Do you love your spouse? No, do you really love your spouse? Sacrificially, fervently, passionately. Maybe you don’t like them right now, but you still love them. Good! Then it’s not too late! Now, what’s it worth to you to save this marriage? If you really love them, it should be invaluable. You’d give anything for them.

Prove it.

Do what it takes. Make a decision to save this marriage. Set your mind to the idea that you are going to work together with your spouse to repair this broken relationship.

Sacrifice. Invest. Serve. Forgive. In short, LOVE.

The last bit of input I’ll give is that someone has to start. So often I hear something like, “Well I would if they would just…” or “How can I when they keep…” Someone has to start. Resolve that you will be that someone. You will reach out in forgiveness. You will reach out to sacrifice, to serve, to love. Be prepared that this will not be recognized, appreciated, reciprocated, or maybe even received at first. The two of you have built some bad habits. It will take time to break them.

Ways to Be Romantic

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Check out what Natalie Farsy has to say about ways you can go deeper in your marriage. She makes some valid points and gives some good feedback.

Ways to be more romantic

Here’s what she has to say-

After a few years of being together, you might find that the spark in your relationship begins to fade. This is completely normal and happens to a lot of different couples. It shouldn’t give you any cause for concern! Instead, you just need to take a bit of extra time to rekindle that all-important spark.

Are you struggling with putting the spark back in your relationship? It won’t happen overnight, so don’t worry if your efforts don’t seem to be paying off. Give it time and eventually you will be getting back on track.

But what’s the best way of trying to find the spark again? We think it’s all about focusing on the little things in your relationship. Here are some top ideas.

Add Romance To Your Cooking


You cook meals every day, so this is one of the best parts of your life to spice up with some romance. Rather than cooking for each other, cook together. Taking time to prepare all the ingredients is a great way to spend time together and strengthen your bond. You can then both enjoy the meal together and relish in the shared sense of achievement. But sometimes it’s also nice to surprise your partner with a meal you cooked specially for them.

The best time to prepare this surprise is while you’re waiting for them to get in from work. Light some candles on your dining room table and dim the lights to create an intimate atmosphere. You should think about cooking your partner’s favorite meal. If this is for a special birthday or anniversary treat, think about using a mail order seafood service

Spice Up Your Showers And Baths

Romantic Flower

Bath time is the perfect time to add some spice back into your relationship. And there are plenty of little things you can add to really ramp up the intimacy. Cute little luxuries such as a fancy bubble bath can add some sophistication to a couple’s bath. You could even go super romantic and add some bright red rose petals to the water.

Not only will they really look the part, but they’ll also create a fantastic floral scent. Line the bath tub with some scented candles if you can’t get your hands on any rose petals. You’ll find that getting cozy together in the bath is a fantastic way to put the passion back into your relationship!

No bath tub? That’s okay; the two of you can still get cozy in the shower. But rather than indulging in a long, relaxing session, showers are best for a romantic quicky! You can still get out the candles to make the setting very romantic, though. But you might forget that they’re there once you’re in the throws of passion!

In The Evenings


You don’t just have to spend your evenings cuddled up together on the sofa. There is nothing wrong with spending your time this way. But you could both be a bit more proactive trying to reignite your relationship’s spark. If your partner has had a particularly rough day in the office, offer to give them a gentle massage or foot rub. Gentle touching often turns people on, and you might find that this leads to you dragging one another up to bed to get more intimate!

However, there are plenty of ways you can be more intimate together in the evenings that don’t necessarily lead to sex. When was the last time you had a proper chat with your partner? Talking is a great way to strengthen your relationship. You can find out about everything that is going on with your partner at work.

By sharing your feelings and emotions, you will find that the two of you being to appreciate one another again. This is a great way to strengthen the love you feel for one another.

Focus On Bedtime

Of course, the time when most couples try to get the spark going again is at bedtime. There are plenty of little touches you can focus on to make this time of the day extra intimate. Remember those rose petals you used in your bath?

Try to keep some spare so you can use them in the bedroom. One nice surprise your partner will appreciate is if you cover your bed in rose petals. It’s a grand gesture and will also help your bedroom smell super fresh!

If neither of you has been interested in intimacy recently, one of the best ways to give your sex drive a little boost is to buy some sexy lingerie. Look for items that really flatter your body shape. To make sure your partner enjoys your lingerie just as much as you do, get him to choose some pieces. If some lace panties don’t get both your pulses racing, then nothing does!

Spice Up The Bedroom


Another great way to get the spark back into your relationship is to introduce some toys in the bedroom. Many couples find that this helps them get their drives and libidos back on track. You can buy fun ones such as a vibrator or love eggs. Food can also go down well in the bedroom, especially during foreplay. If you’re not really into sex toys, you might prefer to buy some special chocolate body sauce!

The Next Day

Everyone loves being brought breakfast in bed. Rather than rushing to get up in the morning on the weekends, spend a couple of extra hours enjoying being together in bed. Not only is it a relaxing way to start the day, but you’ll also find it’s the perfect time to squeeze in some sex! Especially if you are normally too tired for it in the evening. Don’t worry if you are preoccupied with each other; breakfast can wait…

As you can see, by focusing on the little things in your relationship, you can easily reignite your spark. You might even be able to enjoy a second honeymoon period!

Marriage Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

I wanted to invite Meredith Bonnet on today to share some of her top marriage mistakes. When it comes to threatening divorce or separation after arguments.  You can’t go take back those words once you say them.

Marriage Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Here’s what she has to say-

Relationships are tricky to navigate, especially in the early days. It takes a lot to make relationships successful, and often, it’s a case of trial and error and seeing what works best for you. Of course, while doing this, it’s far too easy to make some rather catastrophic mistakes.

These are things that can, sometimes, change the course of your relationship forever. That might sound like an over exaggeration, but it’s true.

With that in mind, I thought that I would share a list of all the silly relationship mistakes that you don’t want to be making. Whether you’re in a new relationship or a long-term one, these things apply to you. The truth is, there are some mistakes that you just can’t come back from. 

Threatening to Divorce or Separate After an Argument


You’ve exchanged a few heated words with your partner, and are feeling incredibly angry, upset and hurt. In the heat of the moment, you let those six fatal words slip – “I think we should divorce or split up”. You don’t really mean it; you’re just so stressed out about what’s happened that you say them without thinking. The moment the words leave your lips, you regret saying them, but it’s too late, you can’t take them back.

You may apologize, and everything is fine again. However, your partner may take what you’re saying seriously. They may be so upset that you could even think to say those things that right there and then they break up with you, leaving you heartbroken. If this is the case, the best thing you can do is try and get them back.

For doing this, there’s plenty of dating advice on that you should take a look at. It might take time, but with the right steps, you may be able to win them back. If they do take you back, learn from your mistake and only utter those words if you mean them.

Complaining Constantly About Your Spouse’s Flaws

We all have flaws; it’s a fact of life. The chances are that once you’re past the honeymoon stage of your relationship, you’ll start to notice your partner’s flaws. Little things that you never noticed before may start to bug you. If this is the case, it’s hard not to moan at your partner.

The thing is, if you constantly moan at them about their behavior, they’ll start to resent you. Of course, if something is bugging you, it’s fine to say so, but don’t constantly moan at them about it. Have an adult conversation and discuss why you’re getting so upset about it.

People want to be appreciated for who they are; they don’t want to be changed. If you want your relationship to go the distance, it’s important to understand that. So whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of constantly pointing out and moaning about your partner’s flaws.

You can’t change who they are; you need to learn to love them despite their flaws. True love is loving someone regardless of the little things that they do that bugs you. Move past their flaws and focus on all the good things.

Not Being Confident in Yourself

Confidence in yourself

If you have any chance of your relationship being successful, you need to be confident in yourself. Studies have shown that when in relationships, having self-confidence is crucial. You see, if you don’t have a good amount of self-confidence, it can cause problems when it comes to your relationship.

You may be too clingy with your partner because you don’t value yourself and believe that they could do better. That’s just one example of what issues a lack of confidence can cause when it comes to your relationship. There are also many others.

By lacking confidence, you can impact your relationship in ways you couldn’t even imagine. If you don’t have the self-esteem that you need to know your value, fake it. Seriously, faking it can have a big impact on how confident you feel, you’d be amazed at how it will change your perception of yourself. Pretend to be confident and act like you are, and believe it or not; confidence will come. Self confidence can make a huge difference in your marriage. 

You Don’t Appreciate What Your Spouse Does For You

Be thankful for your spouse

So, your partner may not be perfect, but if he does cute little things for you, it’s important to appreciate it. If they make you toast with your favorite topping, don’t moan because it’s not cut into triangles like you like. Instead, thank them for doing something for you, and appreciate them for it.

No matter what it is, if they’re trying their best, appreciate them for it. If he makes the time to do things he knows that you love, like surprise you with flowers, thank him for it. Even if they’re not your favorite ones, be grateful and appreciate the gesture.

If your partner doesn’t feel appreciated, they’ll start to resent you. They may even start treating you differently. The problem is that if they feel like whatever they do isn’t good enough, they’re going to start to wonder why the two of you are even together.

If you want your relationship to last, it’s crucial that you appreciate your partner for what they do for you. From waking you up with a cup of tea to treating you to cute little gifts throughout the year, appreciate anything and everything that they do for you.

Relationships are far from easy; they take a lot of time and effort to ensure that they last. There are a lot of mistakes that can be made in relationships, many of which can have a significant impact. If you want to avoid the worst relationship faux pas, take note of the tips and advice above.