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5 compelling reasons every bride needs a wedding planner

5-compelling-reasons-every-bride-needs-a-wedding-plannerHere at Love Hope Adventure, we blog about the marriage relationship, intimacy, and how you can go deeper with your spouse. We also have a passion for young couples who are just about embark on this great journey called marriage. Today we welcome Kayla Rhinehardt to tell us some of the benefits of hiring a wedding planner for that special day.

Whether you’re planning your first wedding or are in the midst of organizing a vow renewal, it’s worth hiring a wedding planner to help. Weddings are meant to be joyous occasions that are fun, romantic and memorable. However, for many brides-to-be, they’re just downright stressful. Believe it or not, in order to pull off a wedding that goes without a hitch, a lot of time, effort and planning is required.

While it is possible for brides to plan their weddings entirely themselves, the pressure can sometimes get a bit much. This is especially true when there are various things that need dealing with, which is where wedding planners come in. Today, a high percentage of brides use wedding planners to help them ensure that their big days go to plan.


Of course, wedding planners can be expensive. So if you’ve got a small budget, you may not be keen on hiring someone to help you plan your big day. However, don’t let the price put you off, as a wedding planner can be a fantastic help. Plus, they’re not all overly expensive, it’s just a case of finding a planner who fits your budget.

Still not convinced that you need a wedding planner? Below are some compelling reasons why it’s more than worth the investment

Wedding planners have an insider knowledge


One of the best things about hiring a wedding planner is that if they’re experienced, they’ll have an insider knowledge of the industry. This means that they’ll know where all the best venues are that are within your budget, will fit your guest list, and will suit the style of your nuptials. Because they spend a lot of time networking, wedding planners have all the best contacts. They know who all the best vendors are, as well as which ones will be a good fit for your celebration. Because of this, they’ll save you a lot of researching time. Whatever it is that you want your wedding to be like, they should have the knowledge to make it happen. Whether you want a wedding that’s luxurious or to use a catering company that’s allergen-free, a wedding planner will be able to make it happen. There’s pretty much nothing that a wedding planner can’t do. Or, at least, there’s nothing that a good wedding planner can’t do.

A wedding planner will ensure that nothing is forgotten

From choosing the ideal wedding venue to selecting beautiful wedding stationery, there’s a lot that needs to be planned. With so much that needs to be planned and booked, it’s no wonder that sometimes things get forgotten. After all, there are only so many tick lists that you can make and keep track of. The good news is that a wedding planner can help to ensure that nothing gets forgotten. All the best wedding planners have fantastic organisation systems in place that allow them to ensure that every last detail is taken care of. This is something that can be incredibly handy, as many brides struggle to deal with their entire wedding themselves.

A wedding planner will save you money

A wedding planner may be an investment in itself but having one will save you money. You may not realize it but by having a wedding planner on hand, you are more likely to get deals and discounts on your venue and vendors. This is because wedding planners have various connections with different companies within the industry. This means that vendors are happy to offer deals and discounts on certain things, as they already have a connection with the wedding planner. The reason many vendors offer deals when there’s a wedding planner involved is because they want them to recommend them to other clients.

Wedding planners make amazing troubleshooters

There’s no doubt about it; wedding planners make the most amazing troubleshooters. Whatever goes wrong, whether it’s a problem with your wedding dress or an issue at the ceremony, your wedding planner will be able to deal with it for you. That means that you don’t have to stress about what’s going on, you can just sit back and enjoy your wedding day. The fantastic thing about having a wedding planner on hand is that whatever the problem, they will know how to deal with it. When it’s your wedding and something goes wrong it’s far too easy to panic and think the worst. However, a wedding planner will know how to deal with the problem calmly and will be able to find a solution. So no matter what happens, you know that you’re covered.

They have all the best ideas


Have you ever wondered why some people’s weddings are so amazing, while others are a little dull, shall we say? Well, most of the time this is because the person in charge of planning the wedding is a professional. That’s right; you can always tell a DIY wedding from a professionally planned one. The reason for this is because wedding planners have some amazing ideas and know just how to make a wedding the perfect balance of fun and romantic. They’ve got the quirky little details down to a science, and can make any ceremony and reception absolutely incredible. There’s no doubt about it, if you want a wedding that’s memorable for all the right reasons, having a wedding planner on hand is a must.

A wedding planner may be somewhat costly to hire, but they are an incredibly useful resource to have on hand. Weddings can be incredibly stressful to plan, which is why having a wedding planner can be such a godsend. If you want your wedding to be cute, quirky and just the right amount romantic, having a wedding planner is a must. The great thing about getting in a professional to help is that they may even be able to save you some money. This is because of the connections that wedding planners tend to have with local venues and vendors. So although having a wedding planner will cost you, it may also help to keep other costs low.

Are You Prepared For The Worst in Your Family?


If you didn’t know, I went to New York last month to help a client produce a television series of women entrepreneurs. The shows are now being pre-released on YouTube. It’s been so amazing to see all of those components put together.

Meet Karen Louise

One of the ladies I had the privilege to meet was Karen Louise. When I called her back in July to welcome her to the event, she shared with me that she was a widow. She had lost her husband about two years ago and now she is raising her 3 kids on her own.

As if that part of her story wasn’t heartbreaking enough, she talked about how she lost everything shortly after he died.

All of a sudden, she was left penniless. It’s heartbreaking…I know. Left to raise 3 kids on her own with a dime to her name. She had to fast track learning so that she could keep up.

Check out her interview-

Work Together as a Team

One of her messages is to take responsibility in your marriage. Don’t sit back and assume your spouse has everything under control in certain areas of home management. Rather, both of you take active roles in decisions.

If the unimaginable were to happen in your family, would you have a plan in place? Do you and your spouse work together as a team to determine what needs to be accomplished?

20 Steamy Questions to Ask Your Spouse

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A great way to start a romantic night with your spouse is to ask each other a few steamy questions. It can be so exciting to talk sex before you spend time together intimately. These conversations can get you and your spouse in the mood for a great night.

Steamy Questions to Ask

  1. What is your favorite part of being intimate with me?
  2. Is there something in the bedroom that you think we should do more?
  3. Do you feel satisfied in our love life?
  4. What can I do to serve you better in our love life?
  5. Is there a specific outfit you wish I would wear before we get intimate?
  6. What do you find me most attractive in?
  7. If we could do something intimately with one another right now, what would it be?
  8. What does intimacy look like to you?
  9. What is something that I do that makes you feel most loved?
  10. What do I do that makes you feel most attracted to me?


  1. What do you wish we would do more of before we are physically intimate?
  2. How often do you think we should be physically intimate in a week?
  3. Is there something I do that really turns you on?
  4. Describe to me what you see when you look at me without my clothes on.
  5. Do you like making out?
  6. What’s your favorite way to get in the mood?
  7. Do you like listening to music while we are being physically intimate?
  8. Lights on or off while we are being physically intimate?
  9. Is there something we could do differently at night so we could be intimate more often?
  10. Do you like me to talk or make noises while we are being physically intimate?


Setting The Stage For a Romantic Night

To set yourself up for a romantic night, try out some of these ideas:

  • Light candles or plug in Christmas lights
  • Both of you wear something sexy
  • Put on soft instrumental music
  • Pour your favorite drinks
  • Have a few snacks if you plan to talk for a while
  • Start out on the couch and then move to the bed

These are just a few at home date night suggestions that can help you set the mood.

Want More Steamy Questions?

I posted 10 more steamy questions over on my sister website, I Am The Sex Talk Lady. Feel free to check those out if you are looking for more.

10 Sexy Questions to Ask Your Spouse


I Try To Praise God Even During Life’s Storms

We are pressured in every way but not crushed; we are perplexed but not in despair; we are persecuted but not abandoned; we are struck down but not destroyed. 2 Corinthians 4:9

Have you had a time in your life where you thought, “God, why haven’t you heard me? Why haven’t you gotten me out of this place, yet? Where are you?”. Maybe you are in that place right now.

I know how you feel. I’ve been hard pressed to such a degree that I didn’t know how I could get up and move. Each day, I have cried out to God to resolve the situation, and yet, it continues going on.

Some days I’m better at it than others, but I’m learning to praise God no matter what the situation. It’s hard to do that. I fail. I try again.

The other day, I sketched picture the other night while thinking about the things that have happened in my life over the last few years. I was just envisioning storms raging around me,but when the winds calm down, I was not destroyed.





How I Finally Lost Weight After Years of Trying

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My entire life, I’ve struggled with my weight. In fact, it was a sore spot for me for many years. I wasn’t your typical sized teenager. From the time I was 13, I looked like a full grown woman.

Since obesity runs in my natural family, my mom made a lot of changes in our menu plans. The problem was, we didn’t really understand nutrition the way we understand it today.


We Had a Poor Understanding of Nutrition

Back then, we thought that eating fat would make you fat. So, to avoid becoming fat, I would eat low-fat foods, namely grains. There’s nothing wrong with grains, but eating too many can pack the weight onto your body.

My Aunt Flora explained it to me like this…your metabolism is like a fire. When you give it wood (carbohydrates), it will keep the fire going. However, if you pile on too much wood at the wrong time, you end up suffocating the fire and it puts it out.

I Was Determined to Lose Weight

After my third child was born, I was bigger than I had ever been in my life. I didn’t start out small to begin with, but I had reached a weight that I knew wasn’t healthy for me. One day, I looked at Austin and said, “We’re getting fat. We have got to make changes”. (Yup…I’m a terrible person.)

There had never been a time in my life where I could successfully lose weight, no matter what I did. When I was a teenager, I worked out for an hour a day and never saw the scales budge. I had no earthly clue how I was going to accomplish this goal, but I was determined to figure it out.

How I Finally Lost Weight

How to lose weight

Are you ready for this? The secret to my weight loss?!?! Here it is- I counted calories….disappointed aren’t you? Yeah, you and every other person that ever asked me how I was loosing so much weight.

It’s a really boring answer, but it’s the truth. There are so many things that I learned about my eating patterns that astounded me…like:

  • I was eating WAY too much
  • The right portions are insanely smaller than I realized
  • I’m totally addicted to carbohydrates
  • I wasn’t eating as many healthy foods as I thought

Other things that I learned during that time was:

  • A piece of bread has the same number of calories as an entire salad
  • Drinking more water really does help you feel less hungry
  • Eating out is so not worth it
  • You can still eat junk food in moderation and lose weight

Before I started counting my calories, I never truly felt full. That caused me to eat a lot more than my body needed. It only took a week of counting calories for my body to adjust to smaller portions and less carbs.

Counting every calorie that I consumed helped me to see nutrition in a whole new light. There was no way that I would be able to eat enough to keep myself from feeling starved if I didn’t eliminate the higher calorie options.


I’m a Total Carbohydrate Addict

Yes, I’ve always known that I had a craving for breads, crackers, potatoes, pastas, and grains. However, I had no idea that I was over eating those types of foods. In order to stay within my calories, I had to severely reduce the number of carbs I was consuming in a day. Guess what I discovered? I’m totally addicted to carbs.

Eating too many carbs is the reason that I have never been able to lose the weight. What my Aunt Flora tried to tell me back when I was a teenager made so much sense. There was no way for my metabolism to keep up with the amount of carbohydrates I was asking it to process.

My Cooking Radically Changed


Cooking is something that I really enjoy doing. I don’t tend to go by recipes- rather, I let my creativity flow when I’m in the kitchen. When I started counting calories, the way I cooked had to change completely.

I had to figure out how to cook without adding a ton of extra calories like I was used to. What I found, was that we could use a lot less of the higher calorie ingredients and be fine. I drastically reduced things like:

  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Cream
  • Carbohydrates

There’s nothing wrong with those ingredients, but I was using more than necessary to cook. I didn’t eliminate anything from my diet, but I did learn to limit what I was consuming and it has made the difference. 




Should You Meet Your Own Physical Needs in Marriage?

Last week, we were asked by one of our viewers if taking care of their physical needs in marriage was wrong. They also wanted to know if it was cheating on their spouse to do it.

Austin and I answered this question on Periscope and Facebook Live as well as in a blog post on my sister site. I’ve got to say- I was surprised by the reactions we received to this topic.

Self Pleasure is a Sensitive Topic

As many things as I have talked about in regards to sex, I’ve never had people say things like-

You were brave for tackling that subject….

Wow, that’s a sensitive topic. Good job on addressing it…

Whoa- you’re talking about that?

Not only did I have a lot of those reactions, but I have had some readers get really personal in sharing their stories of the role masturbation has played in their marriage.

A Few Reasons People Take Care Of Their Own Physical Needs

Usually, what I find, is that one person resorts to masturbating, because their spouse is not interested in sex. Or, one does it in combination with viewing porn.

If you want to read what I had to say, head over to my other website, I Am The Sex Talk Lady.

Is Masturbation in Marriage Wrong 


Suffice it to say- if you haven’t had a conversation with your spouse about whether or not they please themselves when you aren’t around….you need to. This isn’t one of those topics you should avoid.

So…since I was already addressing sensitive issues this week, I decided to go ahead and talk about period sex.  I wrote this in response to what readers were saying about masturbation in their marriage.

Have you had this conversation with your spouse?


Fun Gifts For Your Husband

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I have invited Rhonda Wilson on to share with us some fun gifts you can give your husband for any occasion. It can be hard to figure this out when you have been married for a while.


Here’s what she has to say-

When it’s time to give your spouse a gift, you may be stuck for gift ideas. Especially if you have been together a while, and you have already got them a variety of things. Stuck for ideas?

No problem; that’s why I’ve written this blog post. Hopefully, you will find plenty of ideas for fun presents that your partner will never expect you to get them!

Personalized Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are super fun. They can sit on your dashboard in your car or on your desk to entertain you while you’re working. These small figurines have a movable head that bobs up and down while the rest of them stays still. Hence the name bobblehead!

You can buy loads that look like popular TV and movie characters. But did you know that you can also get personalized bobbleheads from companies like likenessme? Your partner will love to receive a bobblehead that looks exactly like them!

Grooming Kit


Men love looking good. And in the past few years, male grooming has become more and more popular. So why not treat your guy to a grooming kit full of all your partner’s favorite products. You can spend as much or as little as you like on these kinds of kits.

Simple ones include the basics such as moisturizer and aftershave. If you want to push the boat out slightly, buy a more extravagant set that includes a whole range of products. If your guy has a mustache, try and find him a kit that includes some mustache grooming features.

Virtual Reality Headset

Technology has moved on a lot recently. So much so that it is now possible to play some fabulous virtual reality games. To do so, your partner will need a virtual reality headset. Most of these can be connected to a smartphone. Then your partner just needs to download a game to play.

Don’t be put off by the price of these headsets. In fact, there are now many affordable models that will be well within your price range.

Smartphone Projector

Does your partner always complain about streaming TV shows and movies on his tiny smartphone screen? Then why not treat him to a cool smartphone project? This gives you the chance to project the smartphone’s screen onto a large wall. So you can have the experience of a cinema in your very own home!

A Night of Romance


A great way to surprise your spouse for a holiday is to give him a night of romance. You can get dressed up in something special and spend extra attention on him. It’s always fun to play a sexy bedroom game or have a dinner for two.

That should have given you plenty of ideas to last the next few years! Hopefully, your partner will love these cool surprises.

5 Ways to Spice up Your Date Night


I know I’ve already lost some of you, because you don’t consider date night to be something worth putting time into. I get it. Why would you bother dating each other when you are already married? Don’t you spend enough time together as it is? Maybe so, but here’s how I want you to see date night.

I’ve talked before about spicing things up in the bedroom- like over and over again. Now that is exciting stuff. Everyone wants to know how to have more fulfilling sex. What about your relationship?

Over time, life can take a toll on your marriage. It is important to spend quality time together.

Here are a few things you can do to spice up your next date night.

1. Put Your Phone Down

Giving your spouse full attention is vital to connecting with one another. If you are allowing yourself to be distracted by what’s going on with others, it will keep you from connecting. We all need to stop looking at our screens for a little bit and look at the person we are with.

2. Do Something Out of The Ordinary

Just like trying new things in your sex life can bring excitement, the same goes for your dating life. When you make plans together, do something out of the ordinary. If you always go out to dinner, then come up with a different idea. Aim for an activity that you don’t normally do together.

Here are a few things you can try-

  • Cook dinner together
  • Walk or hike
  • Geocaching
  • Dance/listen to music

Whatever it is that you chose to do, make it something you don’t usually do together.

52 Date Night Ideas for Two |

3. Use Conversation Starters

Austin and I are huge advocates of using conversation starters on date nights. This keeps us from talking about responsibilities and have a break from what’s going on. We need to take a mental break from life and run away together, even it if is just to the bistro table.

Conversation starters gives us plenty of things to talk about that helps us connect and get to know one another better. (Yes, there is still plenty to learn about each other, even after 13 years.)

4. Flirt With Each Other

Make a concerted effort to flirt with your spouse while you are out on a date. Flirting with them will help you to enjoy your night together even more. It is a great way to have fun and to make a bigger deal of your time together.

5. Get Physically Intimate


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention spending time together physically. What better way to end the night where you have been connecting emotionally, than to connect sexually? Leave enough time to be together when your date is over.

Want something really sex to do together? Then check out my bedroom games. With these printables, you will be able to have a fun night with your spouse.

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