Marriage Resources to Help You Go Deeper

I know how hard it is to focus on your marriage. Just this week, Austin and I have realized that we are letting intimacy between us slip through the cracks. We are just so dang busy! And frankly, it needs to stop. We have to make our sex lives priority.

I’m not the only one that feels this way. That’s why I’ve teamed up with The Dating Divas and a bunch of other bloggers, designers, and experts and we’ve made it our personal goal to find, create, and share tried-and-true resources to make your relationship better, easier…. and a lot more fun!

The Dating Divas and I have put the very best marriage courses, ebooks, and printables all in one place!

Austin and I developed a course for couples about a year and a half ago. In our course, we cover 5 main areas of marriage- Communication, Friendship, Romance, Intimacy, and Finances. The course on its own usually costs $47. The cheapest we have ever sold it was $27. But, for a limited time, you can get it along with $200 worth of other resources for $15-$20 depending on which day you buy it.

I mean, who doesn’t want to enjoy a closer, happier, more intimate and passionate relationship with their spouse?

The divorce stats are really discouraging. In fact, I’ve seen people I love dearly go through this unfortunate situation. It’s estimated that there are 2,400 divorces a day. Now more than ever is the time for you to protect your relationship. That’s why these resources are so important.

And, of course, we have a KILLER deal for you to make The Marriage Bundle affordable for everyone so you can get in on all that awesomeness.

What’s in The Marriage Bundle

What you’re looking at is a huge collection of resources for you, all in one handy-dandy bundle. The deal is THAT FREAKIN’ AWESOME. We really wanted to make this doable and affordable for everyone!

TONS of crazy amazing resources—ONE crazy, low price! {We’re talking over 90% OFF!}

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The Marriage Bundle is chock-full of practical tools, systems, secrets, and resources to improve your relationship, including…

  • Date Night eBook
  • Marriage Bucket List
  • 365 Day Love Calendar
  • Prayer Prompts
  • 14-Day Challenge for Wives
  • Marriage RAOK Kit
  • Intimacy Video Course
  • Time Management eBook
  • Marriage Makeover All Access Pass
  • AND MORE! {See all the goods below!}


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This is a 6-Day sale! The price goes up every 2 days…

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Thought so! Just wait until you see all of the amazing goodness…

1. Prioritizing Date Night in Your Marriage Ebook by A Prioritized Marriage

This e-book will provide you with resources and ideas that will help the two of you make date night more of a priority in your relationship. With almost 100 pages of content and 19 chapters of date night ideas, no matter your current stage of life, you and your spouse are sure to find a way to make date night happen on a regular basis.

2. The Marriage Builder Collection by Intentional Moms

You want to work on your relationship, but you’re not sure where to start? START HERE. The Marriage Builder Collection is a curated collection of resources designed to equip wives and build intimacy. From prayer prompts, to a marriage bucket list, to a 14-day challenge for wives (and more!), it’s everything you need to start changing your relationship, for the better.


3. 5 Foundations for Intimacy in Marriage Video Course by Love Hope Adventure  

Communication, Friendship, Romance, Sex Life, Finances: They are both our greatest strengths and our biggest potential pitfalls. This video course will walk you and your spouse through real-life questions about each of these relationship foundations. Each section includes 4-5 short videos, questions to go over as a couple, and a fun activity to put everything into practice. Plus, you’ll get access to our private Facebook group for ongoing discussion!

4. The Ultimate Marriage RAOK Kit by Nichelle Lora Designs

Get ready to show your spouse some LOVIN’!! This kit is everything you need to do those little surprises for your spouse that make all the difference in your life. From love coupons, to quality time ideas, and even small gift ideas that are EASY, fast and FUN!

5. Design Your Day: Time Management for the Busy Woman by A Purposed Driven Mom

Ever feel like there isn’t enough time in the day? Are you always wondering how you’ll get things done so you can actually take time to enjoy life? This E-Book will help you develop a system to get what matters done (and have time for date night!)

6. Family Systems: How to Automate Your Housewife Life by Pulling Curls 

Ever wish your life ran as well as your sprinkler system. But “automating” chores you will find they get done easier, with less stress and hassle. Everything from breakfast routines, to cleaning — we’re going to get your whole house as a system and working as a team.

7. Scavenger Hunt Dates Pack by Enduring All Things  

Are you and your spouse competitive? Spice up your next date night with a little competitive scavenger hunt! These hunts are perfect whether you’re going to the movies, doing a little shopping, spending an evening at the state fair, or just exploring your own town! This pack also includes some hunts for your next vacation, whether it’s a road trip, camping, or a trip to Disney!

8. 365 Day Love Calendar by The Dating Divas 


We’ve found that the best way to make sure the most important things don’t get lost in the shuffle is to have a visual reminder. If you actually see what needs to be done, it’s more likely to happen. And what’s more important than your relationship?

We never mean to forget our spouses in the everyday chaos but sometimes it does happen. In order to help you make sure that you’ve shown your love some love each day, we created a 365-day printable calendar engineer print. You can mark off each day when you’re done and feel even more of a sense of accomplishment. Just think how cool it will be to look back at a YEAR of love!

For each day of the year, you’ll notice a symbol which gives you a little hint about what you can use to show your spouse the love on that day.

9. Makeover Your Marriage Conference All Access Pass by The Dating Divas

You CAN have a fairytale ending to your story! The Dating Divas are bringing together some of the TOP experts in marriage, parenting, intimacy, communication and overall happiness. Learn How to Rock Your Marriage After the Honeymoon! You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to experience this life-changing event – we are bringing it to you!

This Marriage Makeover Conference All Access Pass includes 6 video presentations by 6 experts as well as a BONUS PDF of accompanying printables for you to take notes and put your new knowledge to good use! Pick a week and watch one video together each night for a private at-home conference. {Or watch one video a week for date night- whatever works best for you and your spouse!}

10. WifeSavers by Ramona Premium Membership by Ramona Zabriskie

With the right kind of encouragement, guidance, and example, you can learn how to create the life and the love you married for: a relationship that frees, balances, and supports you, while it also inspires your husband to mature into his best, most loving, most courageous self.

Your WifeSavers Membership through the Dating Divas Marriage Bundle gives you two full months FREE access to the unique, celebrated body of powerful, proven knowledge taught by award-winning author and educator, Ramona Zabriskie. Through video/audio lessons, motivating rewards, and live mentoring opportunities, you can join thousands of women around the world in literally saving, resurrecting, or beautifying your relationship beyond your dreams!

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WHEW! So there you have it. Pretty much everything you could ever want to take your relationship to the next level. We are dying from all that goodness and we just CAN’T WAIT to get our hands on it.

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What are you waiting for?!





Coming Up With The Perfect Proposal For Your Future Wife

There are some people I know that are contemplating marriage. It is an exciting time, but also one full of stress. There’s so much planning to do, but it doesn’t get serious until the proposal has taken place.

I always think back to how Austin proposed to me in these times. He preached a sermon, and at the end of it, proposed to me in front of our church. It was such a blessing and huge undertaking.

This is the only proposal experience I really have. So I invited Katie Jones from on to share with us her idea of planning a perfect proposal.

Here’s what she has to say about it.- 

Proposing with a ring in a champagne glass while out having dinner in your better half’s favorite restaurant has been done to death, but still very popular. If you are looking for a perfect proposal idea, here’s a few ways you can come up with something creative-

Put Yourself in Your Partner’s Shoes

Understand what would really make her day. These are a few things to ask yourself-

  • What would surprise her?
  • What would make her feel like the most loved person in the whole world?
  • Should you propose in the place where you first met, or on the anniversary of your first date?
  • Would she love a loud proposal with a crowd watching, or would she prefer something more intimate?
  • Does she want something that is quiet?
  • Would she like her family there?

The perfect proposal comes when you put in the time and effort to surprise your future wife. It is all about creating a moment of magic, a moment of pure emotion when your partner realizes that you are the man of her dreams.

Here are a few ways you can propose:

Candlelit Dinner and Fine Dining

There is nothing finer than proposing in a romantic restaurant setting with a backdrop of flickering candles. A romantic dinner for two, served by impeccably dressed waiters and soft romantic music filling the air is always nice.

The spotlight will be firmly on you two, which makes the occasion even more special. You can expect some clapping and cheering when she says yes and leaps in your arms. Round it up with a romantic dance as you two get lost in the moment.

Go for the Dramatic

Depending on the type of person you are proposing to, going for a loud and dramatic proclamation of your love could be the best move.

Here’s a few ideas-

  1. Propose at half time during a football game
  2. Do it at a concert or with airplane letters in the sky

It would be even better if done at the concert of her favorite band or at a game of her favorite team.

Sometimes the best form of flattery is taking the spotlight and shining it brightly on your loved one. Would she want the whole world to take notice for the occasion to be truly special? Make the news and you’ve done it.

Plan an Unforgettable Vacation Proposal

What makes a vacation proposal incredibly romantic is that it opens up a whole range of picturesque settings that could provide the perfect backdrop for a proposal. On top of that, if you are really clever, you could pick a spot where you the two of you are the only ones there and then propose. What could be more romantic than a proposal on the white sandy beaches of Bali with no one else around for miles?   

If you’ve been on vacations together before, you should propose in a destination that holds special significance to you. There is nothing like rekindling old memories while creating new ones. Propose at the place where you had your first kiss, or the place where you had your first fight. Remember the vacation you two took years back when you wished that you could stay there forever? The significance of your proposal’s destination won’t be lost on your partner.  

A Night-in With a Romantic Home Cooked Meal

 Having a night-in with your special someone, with a home cooked meal, some great music, candles, dancing and the whole shebang. This would be even more special if you are someone who doesn’t cook. This would tell her that you really made an effort. You already know what kind of music she likes. Just pick the food and flowers that you think will compliment it. 

If two people are in love, an intimate proposal at home is bound to be magical. Such a proposal makes the occasion about your special someone, only about her. It’s incredibly romantic, intimate and personal.

Katie Jones loves to write, travel, practice yoga and read at any available moment! Adores living by the sea in Brighton UK with all of it’s creative opportunities that it brings.

What Happened to the Lingerie Challenge?

I don’t know if you remember me saying I was thinking about doing lingerie challenge, but that’s about as far as I got. My thought was, I would commit to wearing lingerie every day for 7 days to see what would happen.

Lingerie for men and women

For example, would we have more sex? Or would it become commonplace and the same thing as wearing pj’s to bed? Also, I wanted to see if it made me feel any different before sex. I know a lot of ladies who wear lingerie as a way to help themselves get excited.

We went out of town for our anniversary and I fully intended to make that the start of my lingerie challenge. But, we got home and it fell through. One of the problems I had was coming up with enough lingerie to actually take my own challenge.

I had actually just received a nighty from Honoring Intimates. I really love that they put all of the lingerie on plastic models so that they are appropriate. And, the tags on the clothes do not have pictures of women wearing the lingerie. Even with that addition, I was about 3 days short of having a week’s worth of lingerie.

When I pitched this idea, I had a great reader put this survey together for us and they’ve been really patient with me while I’ve been trying to get caught up. If you want to join in the survey fun, go here to share your input on the role lingerie plays in your sex life. All responses are 100% anonymous.

Go here to take the survey. 

*I use affiliate links

How to Get in The Rhythm of Having Sex More Often

Want to know the truth? Sex is one of the most complicated things in a marriage. I have more people write in to me about their sex life than any other concern. It’s a core foundation of our marriage relationship, so why is it so hard?

Want to know the truth? Sex is one of the most complicated things in a marriage. I have more people write in to me about their sex life than any other concern. It's a core foundation of our marriage relationship, so why is it so hard?

Why It’s Hard to Make Sex a Priority

This is a loaded question. Some people chalk it up to having a different drive than their spouse. Some couples are going through marital problems and they hardly like each other. Others have huge hangups that they need to work through about their perception of sex.

The one that is most difficult for me is the reader that writes in and says their spouse wants to make it a priority, but it just isn’t happening. If both spouses want to have sex a certain number of times a week, why are they struggling to do so? I think the biggest reason for that is it’s not on their calendar. Hollywood makes us think that sex is supposed to be spontaneous, and a lot of the times, it’s just not.

How to Get in a Rhythm of Having Sex More Often

I had a reader ask me how to get in the rhythm of having sex twice a week. Here’s what I shared with them:

My biggest piece of advice is to schedule it. If you want to make sex happen twice a week, look at the calendar and pick two nights for sex. Then, stick to it. I know that scheduling sex may make it seem forced, but it has huge advantages.

When you look forward to it and plan for it, it takes away the stress of feeling like you have a million things to do that your ignoring. It’s not a full proof idea though. You both need to be committed to it. It’s like an exercise routine. All the best intentions won’t get you in the gym. It’s sheer determination that this is important and you’ll let other things in life go so you can pursue it.

Also, you both have to be willing to set aside time for you guys to connect, relax, and get in the mood. If one of you is super driven, you have to figure out how to unwind. If one of you needs alone time away from everyone, then you need to make it happen. Together you guys should come up with solutions.

Give Yourself Grace

And lastly, give yourselves grace. There are going to be weeks that pass that keeping your sex schedule will fail. Don’t let it wreck you. Get back on track as soon as you both can. But, some weeks one of you might be sick, or there might be a lot of late nights, or something else.

I dealt with duty sex in the beginning years of our marriage. Mainly it happened once we started having the kids. Here’s what I did to overcome that.

Should You Use Flavored Lube When Giving Oral Sex?

I was asked by a reader today whether or not flavored lubes should be used for oral sex. IMO, that’s all a matter of personal preference.

Why Use Flavored Lubes?

Generally speaking, a person will use flavors on their spouse to make the experience more enjoyable for them. It doesn’t benefit the one receiving oral at all. Using some type of flavoring is for the one giving it.

Some people choose to do this to get over their inhibitions of pleasuring their spouse with their mouth. That is completely understandable. Others just like to have something pleasant to taste while doing this for their spouse.

If you are struggling with the idea of receiving oral sex from your spouse, check out this post.
If you are struggling with the idea of giving oral sex to your spouse, check out this post.

Where to Buy Flavored Lubes

I would recommend that if you buy lubes both flavored and non-flavored from reputable places. If you are looking for a good place to buy sensitive items, I recommend married Dance. This is their selection of flavored lubes.  

Alternative to Lubes

If you don’t want to use flavored lubes, you can always try other edible options from your kitchen. Depending on the lube you buy, it may not be something you enjoy. Most companies try to make them taste like candy, but as with all candy, you like some and don’t like others 
You can always try some of these food items:
  • Coconut oil by itself or mixed with a flavored extract
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Cool whip
  • Pudding
  • Maple syrup

Whatever you use, make sure your spouse is ok with it.

Late Summer Wedding Checklist

I was married on June 7. It didn’t quite go according to plan…because it rained. While we had a church wedding, we planned to have our reception outside. I had rented tents, tables, and chairs. Oh Virginia weather…why must you always rain on important days?!?!

My wedding was amazing and I loved it. I do wish we had been able to have our wedding reception outside instead of in the church social hall. It’s always so crowded in there. If I had to do it over again, I would have definitely found a place with more space and that would have allowed us to dance.

I invited Hellen McAdams on to share with you a checklist of things you need for your wedding. Here’s what she has to say-

Late summer weddings are becoming more popular. Many times couples choose the late summer because the weather tends to settle down. That, and it’s easier to get time off from work.
If you are planning a late summer wedding, here’s a checklist of the things you need to do:

1. Pick The Right Wedding Dress

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to make sure you pick the right dress. This will greatly depend on your personality. Some brides don’t want a long train that will get dirty on the ground. Others have no problem trashing their dress. Whether you are getting married on a beach or in a church, you’ll need to get the right dress if you do!

You can find more choices here for wedding dresses—and even a little guidance in the process. Some brides go into the process with their dream dress already in mind, others have trouble finding the one. We’re here to provide some tips and tricks for narrowing down your wedding dress selections.

2. Checklist For The Wedding Ceremony

Here’s a checklist of the things you need to line up for your wedding ceremony:

  • Officiant
    Guests list
    Reservations for the church and reception
    Bridesmaids dresses
    Gifts for parents and Bridal party
    Decorations for the wedding and the reception
    Unity candles

3. Honeymoon Tips

Once you have the wedding figured out, you want to get your honeymoon ironed out as well. Don’t skip the honeymoon, if at all possible. This is the best time for you and your spouse to bond. I recommend that you do not plan every single minute of your honeymoon, but leave time for you both to relax.

4. Gift Registry

People will want to bless you and your spouse with gifts. It is very helpful to your guest if you sign up for a gift registry. If you want to know how to find out what is the ultimate honeymoon gift, you might check It’s an online gift registry service that makes it easy to give and receive the perfect wedding gift.

Hopefully, these tips will help take the stress out of planning a wedding! Good luck!









What a Debt Free Virgin Without Tattoos on Her Wedding Day Wants You To Know

I just want you to know that this title is absolutely obnoxious. But, if you read the article that’s circulating around the web about men preferring debt free virgins (without tattoos), then you know what I’m talking about. 

I just want you to know that this title is absolutely obnoxious. But, if you read the article that’s circulating around the web about men preferring debt free virgins (without tattoos), then you know what I’m talking about.

Btw, I’m not going to link to the original article because that author does not deserve a link on my website. It will only increase her visibility online and I don’t want to support that.

Also, on another side note, this post is out of character for me. I don’t make it a practice to call out other Christian bloggers for their beliefs. However, the author that put out the post about men preferring debt free virgins without tattoos spoke about women in such a derogatory way, I just can’t be quiet about it. Not only that, she painted Christian men in a way that I can’t get behind.

The Article Wasn’t About Debt, Sex, or Tattoos

What’s really got me is that this article wasn’t about debt, sex or tattoos. It was really about why women shouldn’t go to college. What I walked away learning in this article is that by going to college, Christian women will lose their morals and values. So, it’s better that they avoid college altogether because then their husbands will have years of unteaching to do (this is actually stated in the article).

I’ve Read the Bible But I Don’t Agree With Transformed Wife

People, we are all going to interpret the Bible differently. I’m positive that the Transformed Wife believe everything she posted on her website. It’s her website and she’s entitled to share what she believes.

It’s not about what she believes, it is how she shared it with the reader. I walked away feeling completely judged, even though I was a debt free, virgin, without tattoos, that lived at home with my parents until I got married! I cannot imagine what others are feeling that don’t fit into that mold.

I don’t have the answer as to why Christians come to different conclusions about the Bible, even though we read the same verses. But, we do and we should all (including myself) get better at not judging others on their beliefs.

Do What God Leads You To Do

Single sisters, our calling as Christians is to be more like Christ. You have a personal relationship with God. As a believer, you have the same Holy Spirit inside of you that a Christian male has. Whether you are a single woman or a married woman, you are called to be more like Christ.

I Went to College Because I Followed God

If you consider community college legit, I went for three years and got two Associate degrees. Believe it or not, I managed to get out of there without debt, without losing my virginity, and without tattoos (gasp!). Although, I was loud and independent long before I went to college…just saying. 

According to the Transformed Wife, I shouldn’t have gone to college, but since I did, one can only hope Austin set me straight after being brainwashed. You know I’ve always been the submissive type (yeah right! In all seriousness, I’m working on it.)

I Lived With My Parents Until I Got Married, But That Doesn’t Mean You Should

Look, I stayed home with my parents until the day I got married. But not because I believed Austin would find me anymore sexy. I was a cheapskate. It was much cheaper to stay home and live with my parents until Austin and I got married. Besides, I love my parents and I treasured the years I had with them at home before I got married. Oh…and I’m an extrovert so empty houses make me crazy.

I don’t see anywhere in the scripture that says women shouldn’t live on their own. I think each woman should do what the Lord leads her to do in this situation. God may call you to singleness. Does that mean you should forever live in your parents home? Not if God tells you to do something else.

I Was a Debt Free, Virgin, Without Tattoos on My Wedding Day- Big Deal

Let me tell you something. Austin Reason was not attracted to the fact that I was debt free, a virgin, and without tattoos. Basically, my boobs were enough. 😀

But in all seriousness ladies, this is not the qualities that all men look for in a wife. Are there men out there that want that? I’m sure there are. Just the same as there are men out there that want a woman that is covered in tats, has a college degree, a job, a house, or any number of things.

I Work and I Train My Kids in The Way They Should Go

I don’t think it has to be an either or when it comes to raising kids in the way they should go and work. But, there are many people out there that feel that way. I get it. I really do.

For many years, God called me to stay home with the kids 100% and homeschool them. About 5 years ago, He made it possible for me to work from home while I homeschooled them. This past year, I sent them to public school so I could spend more time working from home and outside the home. At every point, I’ve followed what God led me to do.

The Proverbs 31 Woman Worked and Trained Her Kids

I believe the Proverbs 31 wife worked. She was a busy woman. Here are just a few things she did:

  • Bought wool and flax and worked with willing hands
  • Provided food to her household and maidens
  • Looked and fields and bought them
  • Planted the fields with her own hands
  • Knew exactly what her products were worth
  • Spun yarn on a spindle to make material
  • Made clothes and bed coverings for her family and ones to sell

This sounds like a world-class business woman to me. She was so productive that she met all of her family’s needs and then had enough excess to sell. What a woman!

It also says that her children rise up and call her blessed. She is a woman that’s involved in her kids’ lives even though she works.

There should be no judgment towards women that want to work outside the home and put their children in childcare. I’m going to tell you what, the Proverbs 31 wife had help. She had maidens for a reason. She wasn’t the only one ever taking care of her kids.

The same goes for the woman that wants to stay home with her kids. Plenty of women stay home with their children because they want to. Or they stay home because they simply can’t afford childcare. There’s more than one way to have a God-honoring family.

I’m Sorry For All the Crap That Goes Viral

So, on behalf of poorly written blogs everywhere, including the one put out by the Transformed Wife, I’m sorry. I’m sorry bloggers have the ability to cast judgment on others without a single care. I’m sorry that garbage like that goes viral while the rest of us encouraging folks can’t be found. In fact, I’m not the only debt free, virgin, without tattoos to speak up against this. Check out what Phylicia has to say in God’s Not Looking for Debt-Free Virgins.

Above All- Pursue God

To all my girls out there with debt, college degrees, past or present sexual partner(s), and tattooed bodies, you are loved. God’s got a man for you that will find you incredible the way you are. Stay in the word and follow Him.

Top 10 Gadget Gift Ideas

When it comes to gadget purchases in our family, Austin is the “go-to” person for the job. I tend to shy away from buying them since I’m not as familiar with them as he is. I invited Sumeet to share her top choices for these unique gifts.

Gift shopping can be quite a task, especially if you wish to give something that will benefit the recipient. Chances are high that they already have the gift you’re thinking of giving them. Keeping such things in mind, we have come up with 10 smart gift ideas which are bound to delight your loved ones with their sheer efficiency.

1. Smart Doorbell 

Smart doorbells are genius. Stop second-guessing who is knocking at your doorknob with the built-in HD video camera that provides a clear view of your guests in your smartphone screen. You can even talk to whoever is standing outside the door with its built-in speaker and microphone even when you are miles away from home.

2. Amazon Echo  

This hands-free gadget can be controlled with your voice and perform tasks such as:

  • Making calls
  • Playing music
  • Sending and receiving texts
  • Telling you a joke

This device can even break down the day’s weather forecast for you.

3. Curved TV 

These next-gen televisions offer an amazing viewing experience with their curved stature regardless of your viewing angle. They’re also known to minimize the glare from lights and windows.

4. Self-Watering Planter 

We understand how difficult it gets for gardening enthusiasts to travel with a large number of plants that may not be watered while you’re away. But, you can now bid adieu to all such worries! A self-watering planter can dispense nutrients and water for an entire month with zero maintenance. This can also serve as a gifting option for people who are struggling with their gardening skills and keeping a plant alive.

5. Pet Camera  

If you wish to ensure the well-being of your favorite companion while you are drafting annual sales reports in your office, the pet camera can serve as your ideal option. It can stream live video to your smartphone or tablet so you can always have an eye of what your pet is doing while you are away.

6. Security Camera 

Knowing that our house is being protected is bound to guarantee a good night’s sleep to all of us. A security camera can help out with this process. It sends an email or phone alerts with photos detecting any activity outside. They also feature a built-in speaker so you can listen and talk through the device.

7. Light Dimmer 

Control the intensity of your home lights with an in-wall dimmer accompanied with a remote. You can even control it using your voice via Amazon Echo.

8. Smart Baking Scale 

This smart solution can transform cooking into a step-by-step visual experience. You just need to select a recipe and decide on the quantity. The Drop Scale will calibrate everything you will need for perfect baking.

9. Motion Sensor Garbage Can 

A simple hand or foot wave is all it takes to lift the lid of your smart trash. This motion sensor technology takes hygiene to a whole new level.

10. Water Dispenser

Say no to contaminated tap water and choose the healthier alternative. Fresh, pure hot and cold water ooze out of these highly-recommended water dispensers by Luqman Khan.


So, gift yourself or your loved ones with one of these sleek beauties today and make the most of their unbridled benefits.

*I use affiliate links.