My #1 Tip of How to Go Deeper on Your Next Date

*I use affiliate linksMy top tip on how to go deeper on your next date

Going on dates with your spouse is so very important. I know I tell you this all of the time. Here’s the thing though, simply going out or making that time for one another may not be enough. You have to be intentional when it comes to going deep in your relationship.

Dating Your Spouse is Important

If you and your spouse go out together and you spend the entire night talking about your responsibilities and other things that stress you, then you will not walk away feeling refreshed from the time together.

Conversation Starters Help You Go Deeper

Conversation starters

Austin and I use conversation starters for this very reason. We want to make sure that we are retreating into one another when we go out together or while we are spending time at the house.

I talk more about this in the video I did the other day.

You can sign up for my free newsletter and receive conversation starters that Austin and I created together. All you need to do is print off the pages and cut up the cards. Then you can carry a few in your purse or wallet so that you always have them with you on dates.

We’ve been using conversation starters for a number of years, and it has helped us so much to go deeper with one another. This has allowed us to have conversations that we probably wouldn’t have ever had. There have been so many of these starters that have caused us to have some life changing talks.

I also suggest you use these types of question prompts to have deeper chats with your kids. Some of the ones in my free printables can be used for that purpose.

However, if you are looking for more general cards, you can get this  box of conversation starters from Amazon. We’ve used these with our kids and on dates as well. I really love the creativity of the questions that you see in the deck.

Table topics conversation starters

Get them from my affiliate link here: 

TABLETOPICS Original – 10th Anniversary Edition: Questions to Start Great Conversations

Or you can go to Amazon and search it out. I’ve found this to be hugely beneficial to our family.

What do you do to go deeper on dates with your spouse? You can leave me a message in the comments section and let me know!


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