10 DIY Teacher Gifts

Teacher Gifts for Christmas

Let your child’s teacher know just how much you appreciate them this Christmas. A unique gift of love will show him how important he has been in the shaping of your young one. Make Christmas special for them with one of these fun gifts.

1. Chalkboard Mug


Buy a solid colored mug that will best suit your child’s teacher. Outline a rectangle shape on the side of the mug and paint inside the line with chalkboard paint. Place a few different colored pieces of chalk in the mug for him to use to write messages.

2. Rustic Pencil Holder


Make a unique, rustic styled pencil holder for the teacher. Use a 4-5 inch wooden block and drill multiple holes 3 inches down into the wood sheet. Fill the holes with pencils, pens, and colored pencils. Attach a heartfelt Christmas note onto the outside of the pencil holder. Go HERE for more instructions.

3. Chalk it Up


A fun and simple gift to give your child’s teacher is a bag full of chalk. Choose a variety of colors you think the teacher will appreciate. Attach a note to the top of the bag that says, “Chalk it up to a great Christmas”. You can also add a personal note of thanks to the tag.

4. A Hand For a Job Well Done


Trace your child’s hand two times onto the colored paper of your choice. Write a note telling the teacher they deserve a hand for Christmas. Tape the hands to a simple gift for him, such as a mug, a jar of candy, or a basket of snacks.

5. Hogs and Kisses


Make a cute pig by cutting out one large circle and one small circle from pink paper. Use the small circle as a snout on the pig and add eyes and triangle pieces for the ears. Attach a note to the bottom of the pig that says, “Hogs and Kisses”. Tape the pig to a jar of Hershey’s Kisses.

6. Christmas Mail Box


Purchase a small plastic or wooden mailbox and decorate with a Christmas theme. Have your child write a few small notes of appreciation to the teacher and place inside the the mailbox. Include some chocolate candy for a sweet treat.

7. Thanks A Latte


All teacher’s appreciate the treat of gourmet coffee. Place a gift card to a local coffee shop in a disposable paper coffee cup, or in a glass mug. Add a note to the outside that says, “Thanks a latte.”

8. Sticky Pop


Wash and rinse out a 2 liter bottle of soda and remove the label from the outside. Fill the bottle with glue sticks that the teacher can use for the classroom. Attach a note to the outside that says, “Sticky Pop”. Add a personal message and tape it to the bottle. For a look at this fun gift, go HERE.

9. Customized Drink Cup


Have a customized plastic cup made for your child’s teacher. You can have the cup printed with their name on it or a special message of thanks. Fill the cup with chocolate candies and bags of tea. Attach a greeting to the outside of the cup.

10. Chocolate Covered Apples


Giving an apple to the teacher is a fun gift to give. Covering the apple with chocolate and sprinkles makes it a special  treat. Go HERE for a recipe to make your own apples, or purchase some from the store. Attach a message of thanks to the teacher.
Don’t let this time of year pass by without your child’s teacher knowing how much you appreciate all they does. Make this day special for them with a unique gift.

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