10 Minute Marriage Challenge

When Austin and I first got married, we bought this thing called Simply Romantic Nights. It was a designed to help you and your spouse create romantic date nights for each other. There was a set of cards for the husband and set for the wife. You were supposed to use your card to plan out a date night for your spouse without telling them what was on the card. I was so happy that we bought it because I think it laid a good foundation for our relationship to intentionally romance the other person.

The ideas were great, but pretty labor intensive. Pretty awesome for newlyweds that weren’t taking care of kids. But, time is more limited now, which means everything we do has to be simple and easy to accomplish. That’s why I’m pretty excited about the 10-minute marriage challenge from The Dating Divas. They will text you, your spouse, or both of you 3 times a week with sweet and romantic ideas you can do for your spouse that only take 10 minutes.

They have three different plans to choose from. If you want to buy the service for just yourself, you can sign up here:

For the husband to do for the wife

For the wife to do for the husband

If you want to buy the service for you both to receive texts, get it at a discount when you buy the combined service here.

10 Minute Marriage Challenge

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