10 Summertime Date Ideas for Romantics

You know that we’re fans of creativity in marriage here in the Love Hope Adventure Community. Having date night ideas takes a lot of the hard part out of the process, so we’ve been posting a lot of them recently. It’s almost been like the Summer of date night ideas. Well, to help round that out, Lisa Griffin is with us today to share 10 great summertime date ideas.

Summertime gives couples a great opportunity for exploring different date ideas. It’s warm outside. You get extra hours of sunlight. Many times there are fewer responsibilities with the kids out of school. Here are a few ideas to get you started with some great summer dates.

A simple romantic atmosphere

Get a bottle of sparkling cider, some candles, and romantic music that you really like. This simple advice may help you to feel relaxed and closer to each other, create a favorable atmosphere to discuss your little secrets, wishes, hopes, and dreams. Enjoy the friendly company of your other half while listening to some sensual tunes.  

Going for a walk

Summer is a great time to visit a beautiful park with just the two of you. Enjoy the sun above your heads and breathe the fresh air! Explore your friendship by holding your hands, eating an ice-cream cone, drinking a cool drink, and sitting under a shady tree. 

Romantic meal at home

Find a simple recipe on the internet so you can easily cook together. Make this dinner extra special by dressing up as if you were going out. Use the fancy tablecloths and get out the good dishes and glasses.

Watch the sunrise

Staying up all night and watching the sunrise together is one of the best romantic summertime date ideas. Think of all the great things you could do to pass the time all night! You could have a movie marathon, play a board game, or even make it a long night of love-making. Wherever you are, in the park, hiking, camping, road trip or just staying home, this scenery will leave an unforgettable impression.

Movie night

What can be better on a rainy day than to make a movie night? Pick a hilarious movie you both want to see, prepare beverages and snacks, order pizza and grab a few blankets. You may search for an entertaining movie and discuss your impressions after, share your feelings and thoughts about funniest and the saddest moments.

Prayer time

Here is the idea to strengthen your spirits and bind you to your spouse! Searching for the best way and place to pray together will help you to feel closer to each other. You may even share your thoughts on what you are going to pray for or just do it completely quiet in silence.

Home spa night

Just imagine a spa evening at home! Wear comfortable clothes, find wonderful smells, soft bath towels, and put on some soft music or a sound machine. Or course, no spa evening would be complete without a sensual massage. If you don’t have any experience or want to improve your skills, look into a massage course.

Dance lessons

A great idea to get a new experience and some physical activity is a group dance lesson. You may find a dance teacher for training you how to enjoy getting your body moving. What can be more romantic than Tango or Bachata together? 

However, if you suddenly find yourself in a desperate situation of having deadlines with writing term papers and you already have an overdue and don’t have enough time for a real date, please hop this page.

Photo shoot

This is an excellent opportunity to show your creativity! Find a beautiful location, take a few options of clothes, grab a good camera, and turn the energetic music on! Then ask your soulmate to take pictures while you strike some poses. Remember, you can always take the photo shoot home for a private session as well. 

Write poetry

Writing a poem together can be an absolutely new and romantic for your relations. Just imagine how interesting it will be to express your emotions on paper, share your feelings and thoughts. Just sit and free your creativity! 

Lisa Griffin is a blogger and freelance writer whose lifestyle credo is ‘Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet.’

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