10 Things to do When Your Spouse is Driving You Crazy

We all have times in our marriage where our spouse is driving us crazy. That’s normal. But, you do have to be careful that you don’t get hung up on those things. Otherwise, it will create distance between you. Here are 10 things you can do to stay in love when you’re feeling frustrated with the things they do. 

1. Take a Break

It’s ok to walk away for a few minutes and take a break from each other. You don’t have to give each other the silent treatment or anything. However, just excuse yourself to the bathroom or a legit place you can go to cool down for a few. 

2. Be Thankful About Something They Do

Even if it is something that is small, find something to be thankful that he does. This is a great way to change your attitude about him. 

3. See Their Point of View

Everyone has their own perspective on a situation. Figure out where he is coming from so that you can sympathize with him at the very least. 

10 Things to do when your spouse is driving you crazy.

4. You’re Not Their Parent

We can easily want to take control of the situation, especially if our husband isn’t doing what we want. This will only cause you two to have a power struggle. 

5. Stop Fighting When It’s Not Going Anywhere

If you and your spouse are only fighting for the sake of it, then you should stop. Some fighting is necessary so that you can get your point across. However, if you are destroying each other in the arguments, you are not going to get anywhere. 

6. Don’t Nag Them to Death

Just let things fall the way they will fall and see where it lands. Don’t nag him, though. That might be a natural tendency, but it isn’t a good idea. 

7. Stop Obsessing Over It

We have a bad habit of obsessing over things in our minds. Maybe you are reading into what they said. Or, you could just be making a big deal of something that was never intended to be a problem. 

10 things to do when your spouse is driving you crazy.

8. Never Stop Dating

Sometimes you just need to stop fussing and fighting over things and do something fun together. Get out and enjoy your time. 

9. Have Sex

This is a simple way to change your attitude in a hurry. Take time out and be intimate with one another. 

10. Smile at Them

Just smile- this will help you to feel more positive about him and the situation. Your smile will tell your brain to change your attitude. 

These are simple steps you can take when you are struggling in your marriage. 

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