12 Days of Christmas- 3 Free Bedroom Games

12 Days of Christmas 3 Bedroom Games

I’m having the 12 Days of Christmas here on the blog! Every day, I am posting things that are sure to inspire you. Today, I want to inspire you to spend time being intimate with your spouse.

You know that I have several bedroom games here on the site that are free for you to print off. Today, I wanted to link to other fun sexy games you can play with your sweetie.

1. Fantasy Menu

Basically, you will let your spouse create a fantasy for the night. Start out with the foreplay for the appetizer. For your main course, choose the position or way you want to be intimate. And last but not least, for desert, come up with a way to connect afterwards. 

2. Sexy Body Part Twister

El Fury and Sexy Corte over at Married Christian Sex has a great twist (wink) on twister. Don’t worry, you don’t need the actual game to play this. You will use dice to roll and figure out what body parts need to touch together.

It is sure to make for some fun combinations! Get their printable for Sexy Body Part Twister over on their site.

3. Truth or Dare For Married Couples

I’ve been after Jay Dee over at Sex Within Marriage to create a sexy truth or dare for married couples for a while. I’m so excited that he has put it together.

His truth or dare game is awesome, because you can use your phone to play it. All you have to do is input your names, select your foreplay preferences and it will give you random questions and dares every time you click the next turn.

These are great bedroom game ideas that you can check out that some of my favorite marriage bloggers.

If you missed the second day of Christmas, check it out.

12 Days of Christmas- 2 Marriage Tips

12 Days of Christmas 2 marriage tips

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