12 Days of Christmas- 5 Marriage Quotes

12 Days of Christmas 5 Marriage Quotes

I’ve been posting for the 12 Days of Christmas this year on the blog. On the 5th day of Christmas, I’m giving you 5 marriage quotes that will help you feel encouraged and inspired about your relationship.

1. Fall in Love Over and Over

A Succesful Marriage Requires Falling Love Over and Over With the Same Person2


This is such a sweet marriage quote, and boy is it true. Over time, we all change and grow into the people we become. Being in a long term relationship requires you to accept those changes and learn to love who the other person becomes.

2. A Good Marriage Takes Work

Being in a Good Marriage Doesn't Just Happen, You Have to Make it Happen

When you see a couple that have a great marriage, just know that it didn’t happen by accident. Those two people have taken a lot of time and energy to create a relationship that is good. Building your marriage never stops, it is something you have to do continually.

3. Your Love Story is Comprised Of Tiny Moments

Marriage is a Mosaic You Make With Your Spouse

I love what Jennifer Smith, The Unveiled Wife, has to say in this quote. Your love story is not just the events that lead up to your wedding day. It is all of the tiny moments that you spend together over the years. Be sure that you add to your mosaic daily.

4. Never Stop Staring in Each Other’s Eyes

Never Stop Staring in Each Other's Eyes

It is so important to never stop doing all of those things you did when you were dating. That young love you experienced back in the day is something you can experience every day as long as you keep acting the way you did when you first fell in love.

5. Learn To Love Your Differences

What Counts in Marriage is How You Deal With the Incompatibility

I know as well as anyone that you can be married to your polar opposite and do well with one another. All couples have to figure out how to deal with their differences. If you learn to appreciate those things about your spouse, it will help you in your marriage greatly.


I hope you felt inspired by these quotes and take the time to catch the inspirational quotes I wrote yesterday.

12 Days of Christmas- 4 Inspirational Quotes 

12 Days of Christmas 4 Inspirational Quotes

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