12 Days of Christmas- 7 Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas

I’m so happy you have stopped by for the encouraging and helpful posts I’m writing for the 12 Days of Christmas. I think you will really enjoy today’s post, because I’m giving you some 7 ideas for date nights. Dating your spouse is so important!

1. The Bookstore Date

If you are a bookworm, but your spouse isn’t, this will be a great date night for both of you. Tara over at The Dating Divas put together a fun bookstore scavenger hunt to do with her spouse. It looks like a ton of fun and can help a couple connect and have fun.

2. Drive in Movie in Your Driveway

Don’t have a sitter, but want to leave the house? You won’t have to go any further then your driveway. Take your laptop out to the car and soak up your wi-fi to watch a movie. Lay down the seats or get in the back seat if you can.

3. Win or Dare Putt-Putt Game

Over The Generous Wife, you can see the rules of how to play Win or Dare Putt-Putt game. Each hole, if your spouse beats you, you have to do a dare.

4. Selfie Date Night

Get your cellphones out and be ready to take a ton of selfies. Wherever you chose to go for your time out, take a bunch of fun and crazy selfies with each other. You can choose to do whatever you like with the photos afterwards, but it will be a lot of fun to look back over the pictures together.

5. Dollar Store Date

Set a very small budget to spend on buying things for one another. Go to the Dollar Tree or the mall and split up. Spend the allotted money on one another. This is sure to get a lot of laughs when you get back.

6. Conversation Dates

Tom and Debi over at the Romantic Vineyard have a set of conversation starters that you can ask one another on your next night out. Plan to go to dinner or a coffee shop so that you can spend time asking each other these questions.

7. Snuggle Basket

Find a comfortable spot in your house to have a snuggle date night. If you have a fireplace you can camp out in front of it. Otherwise, cut on some romantic music, turn the lights down low, and find a place to cuddle up. This makes for a great time to talk and re-connect with one another.
I hope you will find the time to date your spouse this year. It is so important to take time together with your love.

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4 Responses

  1. Keelie,
    Thanks so much for the link up. It’s good to see other marriage bloggers making a difference in our culture’s view of marriage. It’s not easy, but no relationship will thrive without intentional pursuit by husband and wife to grow and change.
    May your new year be full of God’s blessings,

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