15 Romantic Gift Ideas For Your Spouse For Christmas. Give them the gift of intimacy and connection.

Romantic gifts for Christmas give you a meaningful present that you know will be appreciated. The romantic gift ideas that I put together for you are perfect for a sexy date night. I always encourage couples to carve time out for at home date nights, because these allow you to go straight into physical intimacy.

Check out these great romantic gift ideas for your spouse.

1. Sexy Board Game

It's Getting Hot in Here Couples Bedroom Game

It’s Getting Hot in Here is a sexy board game for married couples. This is the first bedroom game that Austin and I created; and absolutely one of the best to date.

Here’s what you need for the game:

  • Printed the board game and cards
  • 1 die
  • Timer
  • 2 small tokens

Each person will take turns rolling the die and moving the number of spaces determined. The player that lands on the space has the action done to them. Then you will set the timer for 60 seconds and allow your spouse to please you for that length of time.

Some of the spaces tell you to draw a card. You can will choose from the deck of cards and have your spouse perform that move for the 60 seconds.

Carve out an hour or two in order to play the game all the way through.

2. Truth or Dare For Couples

Truth or Dare Couples Bedroom Game

We took our most popular printable game to ebook. Sexy truth or dare for couples will lead you through a series of questions and dares that aim to help you delve deeper into physical intimacy.

The book is broken down into chapters with alternating questions and dares. You can play as many rounds as you can take.

3. Creative Conversation Starters For Couples

Creative Conversation Starters For Couples

We encourage couples to avoid talking about stress factors when they go on dates. This includes work, kids, family drama, or anything that can lead to frustrations. That is why Austin and I are advocates of conversation starters.

When you ask the right questions, you can connect on a deeper level with your spouse. The questions in our book ranges from asking about your childhood to steamier questions about your love life.

4. All Night Love Affair

All Night Love Affair Couples Bedroom Game

Married Dance offers this game. The goal here is to roll a love affair. Each person takes turns rolling the dice and collecting cards from the proper piles. The cards have sexy foreplay moves that you will perform on your spouse during your turn. The first person to get roll a love affair after 5 turns can choose a special card from the love affair pile.

*You can use the code LOVE at checkout to receive 10% off of your order at Married Dance.

5. Melt Massage

Massage for Lovers

Melt Massage offers online massage courses to teach you how to sensually and properly relax your spouse. I gave Austin this for Father’s Day. What I was most surprised about Denis Mark’s teachings is that he shows you how to massage with ease.

Read his full review here.

This was literally the first time I’ve given Austin a massage without wearing myself out. Denis told me how to sit and where Austin needed to sit. It was highly informative as well as relaxing.

Each one of the courses in his training series shows you how to massage different parts of your spouse’s body. The great thing is that his instructional videos can be played while you practice massaging your spouse. There is soft music playing in the background and a serene atmosphere to the videos.

6. Talk Sexy

Talk Sexy To Your Spouse

Jay Dee over at Uncovering Intimacy put together a fabulous ebook on how to talk sexy to your spouse. He covers the morality of the issue and then gives you 5 different spice levels of conversation to use in the bedroom. I felt he did a great job on his explanations of how to put this into practice without feeling sleazy.

7. 52 Date Nights

52 date nights for married couples

The Dating Divas put together 52 Date Nights to help you make dating a priority. Each of these weekly dates come with printables and full instructions of how to make it happen. In addition to the 52 date nights, they give you extra cards to write your own ideas as well 16 bonus date ideas to give you even more variety.

8. Sexy Subscription Box

Sexy Subscription Box

Just like any other subscription service The Dating Divas put together a sexy subscription box you can give your spouse. There are 12 months worth of printables to decorate your box. Also, there are ideas of exactly what to include in each of the boxes.

9. Behind Close Doors

Behind Closed Doors Bedroom Game

This bedroom game from Married Dance requires players to make their way around the board collecting foreplay cards. At the end of the game, you will both have a chance to incorporate those cards creatively into a fantasy night.

10. Lingerie

Sexy Outfit for Women

If you aren’t sure you can successfully pick out lingerie for your husband or wife, then buy something for yourself that you can wear for your spouse. Combine this with one of the bedroom games or something else romantic for a full experience.

Need ideas? Check out the post I wrote for women and the separate post I wrote for men. There are plenty of ideas of what you can wear to feel sexy for your spouse.

11. Ultimate Marriage Journal

Ultimate Marriage Journal

I have LOVED this book that Tammy Greene and her husband put together. The Ultimate Marriage Journal gives you space to write thank you notes to your spouse 365 days of the year. I can personally attest to how beneficial the book has been for Austin and I.

I’ve had the chance to tell Austin things I wouldn’t ever think to say. Also, I have learned many things he’s thankful for that I never knew he noticed. We pass it back and forth to one another every few days. It has become very special to us both.

12. What I Love About Us

What I Love About US

This book, What I Love About Us, gives you creative prompts to tell your lover what you love about your relationship. Each page has a sentence for you to finish. Since there are so many pages, be sure to get this soon enough in advance to fill it out before Christmas.

13. Massage Candles

Massage Candles

Massage candles burn at low enough temperature that you can use on your spouse. Simply light the candle and give it time to melt the oil. Use the liquid to give your lover a sensual massage. Be sure to choose a fragrance that they will enjoy.

14. Exciting Lubricants

Stimulating lubrication

There are many different types of lubricants on the market that can help you enjoy your physical intimacy more. For more excitement, use Tingly Mint Stimulation Butter. This organic mix can increase blood flow, which will make you more sensitive to touch.

15. Oral Treat

Oral Sex Kit

Whether you have used your mouth to please your spouse before or not, this kit will help you both enjoy it more. There are hygienic wipes to help you freshen up before hand. Also, there are edible lubricants to help you enjoy the taste more.

These are some of my favorite romantic gift ideas for your spouse. I encourage you to give the gift of yourself to your lover this year.

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