2 Simple Ways to Respect Your Spouse

2 Simple ways to respect your spouse

Respecting your spouse is very important and I wanted to share with you two simple ways you can show them respect. These two things may seem overly simplistic, but these habits can be very powerful in your marriage.

1. Be Nice

I know this seems like a really simple idea, but it is actually really hard to do in practice. You can be kind to people you work with, those at church, and random strangers on the street, but to your own spouse, you can be pretty terrible.

I’m not sure why we think our manners can go out the window when it comes to our spouse, but it does. Instead of snapping at your husband or wife, be nice and kind to them.

Use the rule- if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ever address issues with your spouse, but if you do, do it out of love and respect.

2. Put Your Cell Phone Down While Talking

Put phone down while talking to your spouse

It is so rude to look at your cell phone while you are talking to someone. We are getting really bad about this in our culture. If you and your partner are having a conversation, don’t look at your phone mindlessly.

Now, I know that many of us use our phones for work purposes and to get in touch with people out of necessity. If you have to respond to an email or text, excuse yourself for a minute. Just let your partner know that you need to take the call and to give you a minute.

When you are with your lover, they need to know you are paying attention to them. No one can multi-task that much that they can read and respond to messages while having a conversation. By putting your phone down, you communicate that you respect them enough to stop what you are doing to listen.

Again, I said these two things might seem overly simplistic, but these habits will go a long way in your marriage. Actually, these two habits will go a long way in any relationship.

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