2 Things I Don’t Beat Myself Up Over and 1 Thing I Do

I think we all have things we beat ourselves up over. For a long time, I beat myself up about the way my body looked. I’ve been pretty open about my body insecurities. In the last two years, I’ve made significant progress on that, so it’s not an area I’m struggling as much anymore.

Boxing Gloves

There are two things I never beat myself up about anymore. These used to a struggle for me.

1. When the Dishes and Laundry Pile Up

I used to really beat myself when my laundry would pile up and the dishes took over the kitchen. Instead of feeling personally responsible that those areas of the house, I have taken the mindset that it’s all of our responsibility to work in these areas. When these things pile up, we just tackle it as a family and get it done. I don’t let this be a reflection of who I am as a homemaker.

1. I Eat a Box of Cookies at a Time

Now, this is one that I really used to beat myself up about. Everyone thinks I have self-control because I don’t eat gluten and dairy. For about a year, I didn’t eat grains or sugar. The truth is, I don’t have self-control. I simply do not buy those things and keep them in the house.

But, there is this one brand of gluten free, dairy free cookies that I like to eat. When I buy them, I eat the whole box. So, I never buy more than one box at a time. Instead of feeling like a failure because I binge on cookies, I allow myself to down a box every other week.

What I Beat Myself Up Over

My older kids had a vastly different childhood then our youngest son. The older ones were homeschooled longer and had my undivided attention for many years. Since our business really took off, I have not been able to do the things for our youngest son that I did for the older ones.

I’ve had a lot of guilt over that this year. I’m working hard to see the positives to him having a different experience growing up than the others. It’s not easy, because I’m not the homemaker I once was. Embracing being a working mom has been very hard.

What are things you need to work on this year?

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