2 Things I Wear While Cooking

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I love to eat! I also love cooking- and I do it almost every single day. Now that my diet is so completely different, I am cooking more than ever. Suffice it to say, I spend a lot of time in this area of my house.

Blame it on my fastfood days, but there are two things that you will find me wearing when I cook- shoes and an apron.

Shoes For Safety

Truthfully, I always wear shoes around the house, but especially in the kitchen. There are a lot of reasons that wearing shoes while cooking is a good idea. Safety is definitely the top reason to wear shoes. This is something I learned while working in fast food. In fact, you could only wear a pair of kitchen shoes that was specifically designed to work in the industry.

I don’t know about you, but I can be a bit of a clutz sometimes. Shoes protect my feet from dropping heavy things like pots and pans. Also, plenty of things have broken while I’ve been cooking. Since I’m always in shoes, I haven’t had to worry about cutting myself.  

The other thing that shoes has done for me in the kitchen is keeping me from getting burned when hot things spill. I’ve dropped a lot of food on my feet while making dinner. Confession- I call the dog over to lick it off when that happens.

Apron to Protect Clothes

My mom taught me to wear an apron when I was making food to protect my clothing from getting ruined. I have gotten away from this habit, but I’m back at it now. Unfortunately, I’ve ruined a lot of clothes with grease stains that I couldn’t get out.

Now that I am cooking on a gas stove, I have to protect my clothes. Gas stoves heat up so quickly, it causes oil to get hot so fast that it tends to pop out. I’ve already had grease get on my clothing. Since I’m still trying to re-build my wardrobe after my weight loss, I can’t afford to destroy my clothes while cooking.

The other reason I like to wear an apron, is that it gives me something to wipe my hands on quickly. It’s better than wiping food on the hand towel that is hanging on my stove. I don’t have to change the hand towel as often if I’m not wiping dinner rements on it.

What about you? Do you wear shoes, an apron, or something else specifically while you cook?


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