40 Steamy Questions to Ask Your Spouse

A great way to start a romantic night with your spouse is to ask each other a few steamy questions. It can be so exciting to talk sex before you spend time together intimately. These conversations can get you and your spouse in the mood for a great night.

But, I do want you to know ahead of time that some of these questions should be avoided if you know they are going to be sensitive topics. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ever ask your spouse those questions, but save them for a night when you’re not trying to get in the mood.

40 Steamy Questions to Ask

  1. What is your favorite part of being intimate with me?
  2. Is there something in the bedroom that you think we should do more?
  3. Do you feel satisfied in our love life?
  4. What can I do to serve you better in our love life?
  5. Is there a specific outfit you wish I would wear before we get intimate?
  6. What do you find me most attractive in?
  7. If we could do something intimately with one another right now, what would it be?
  8. What does intimacy look like to you?
  9. What is something that I do that makes you feel most loved?
  10. What do I do that makes you feel most attracted to me?
  11. What do you wish we would do more of before we are physically intimate?
  12. How often do you think we should be physically intimate in a week?
  13. Is there something I do that really turns you on?
  14. Describe to me what you see when you look at me without my clothes on.
  15. Do you like making out? If so, are we making out often enough?
  16. What’s your favorite way to get in the mood? Describe to me in detail what we do that turns you on.
  17. Do you like listening to music while we are being physically intimate?
  18. Lights on or off while we are being physically intimate?
  19. Is there something we could do differently at night so we could be intimate more often?
  20. Do you like me to talk or make noises while we are being physically intimate?
  21. What do you consider to be sexy talk or dirty talk? (Here’s a sexy talk worksheet that will help you figure out what words turn you on during sex.)
  22. If I could touch one area of your body right now, what would you want me to touch?
  23. What’s your favorite oral sex position? (Check out these oral sex positions and pick one to try.)
  24. Is there something you wish I’d do more of during foreplay? (Here’s a round up of foreplay ideas to try.)
  25. Would you like to try dry humping?
  26. Would you be willing to give me a strip tease or sexy lap dance? Want to try it right now?
  27. Do you like the 69 oral sex position?
  28. Is there something outside of the bedroom I do that makes you feel sexually aroused?
  29. Do you like for me to kiss your neck or earlobes?
  30. If we were in the shower right now, what’s something you would like me to do?
  31. Is there a food or drink you would like to incorporate into our foreplay? If so, what is it and what would we do with it?
  32. If I were to give you a back massage right now, what would happen next?
  33. How do you feel about sex toys? Would you like to try one? (Here are a few sex toys you can try for couples.)
  34. How do you like for me to stimulate your erogenous zones? My mouth, hands, body, etc?
  35. If we could somewhere for a sexcation, where would you want to do?
  36. Do you ever fantasize about having sex somewhere other than our bed?
  37. What’s your idea for the best vacation sex?
  38. If I could be as loud as I wanted during sex, what would you want me to say?
  39. What’s your favorite way to please my body?
  40. What’s your favorite way for me to please your body?

Setting The Stage For a Romantic Night

Asking your spouse steamy questions about sex can really get you into the mood. There are other things you can do to set the stage for a romantic night together. To set yourself up for a romantic night, try out some of these ideas:

  • Light candles or plug in Christmas lights
  • Both of you wear something sexy
  • Put on soft instrumental music
  • Pour your favorite drinks
  • Have a few snacks if you plan to talk for a while
  • Start out on the couch and then move to the bed
  • Engage in foreplay for an extended period of time before having sex

These are just a few at-home date night suggestions that can help you set the mood. Investing in date nights is so important because it allows you to take time away from the world and connect with each other.

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  1. Good set of conversation starters, Keelie!

    Sorry I haven’t been on your site in a while! I will correct that and be back and of course promote your information. You add a lot of value to your followers!

    Not sure why your site is having a problem with my feed. I just visited a few others with no problem?

    1. Hey there Jerry! So sorry it has not been working for you. 🙂 Glad to have you around. I always enjoy reading your posts, too!

  2. Good advice, I always love reading your site, and I do send some to my wife, but she never talks to me about them.
    We could use some help in our marriage.
    Thanks for you and your good info, keep it up 🙂

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