3 Bible Verses You Can Apply To Your Marriage

3 bible verses you can apply to your marriage

The scripture is full of helps for us in regards to every area of our life. Marriage is no different. When you think about Bible verses for marriage, I’m sure some of the general passages come to mind.

Some of the typical ones that you might think of would include:

  • Ephesians 5:32- For this reason a man should leave his father…
  • Mark 10:9- What God has joined together, let no one separate…
  • Colossians 3:18- Wives submit yourselves to your husband…
  • Ephesians 5:25- Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ….

You probably have a few others that you immediately thought of.

Today, I want to share 3 verses for your marriage that will help guide you in how God expects us to treat one another. Just because these verses do not say husband or wife, does not mean they are not for your spouse.

As Christians, we all have a duty to treat others the way God lays out for us. Many times, we exclude our spouses, and maybe our family from these standards.

Be Kind One To Another

be kind one to another

There is so much truth packed into this verse. It talks about how we are to be kind to others. Kindness is not our natural position with people. It is much easier to fake kindness for a few hours a week with people that do not live wit us.

When it comes to your spouse, kindness and compassion is key. That person is not only your spouse, but your brother or sister in Christ. Would you talk to people at church with the disregard you show your spouse? Probably not.

Forgiveness is also mentioned in this verse. We are supposed to forgive others the way God forgave us. That is huge.

God’s forgiveness is extended to us even though we are completely unlovable. Not only are we unlovable, we are enemies of God.

Do not withhold forgiveness from your husband or wife. Find ways to be kind and compassionate towards them.

Forgive One Another

forgive one another


Here is another set of verses that address forgiveness, kindness, compassion, and many other ways we are to act toward the people around us. What stands out to me most in this verse is that we are to accept one another.

Accepting who your spouse is can be very hard sometimes. We all change over the course of the years. The person you married will not be the person you are married to today. It is very important that you accept your spouse and love them on the basis of who they are.

I think we confuse acceptance with tolerance of sin. There is a difference between understanding who a person is versus tolerating sin.

Love One Another

love one another


The Bible tells us to love one another the way that God loved us. That is a pretty tall order isn’t it? I know that in my flesh, I cannot love people the way God loved me.

Since that is my standard, I always have room for improvement in the way I love my husband.

If you think about the definition of what love is in the Bible, you will need to be patient, kind, forgiving, tenderhearted, and many others. Refer to I Corinthians 13; it is called the love chapter.

Do you have any other marriage Bible verses you can think of? If so, leave me a message in the comments section.

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