3 Crazy Things I’ve Done To Save Money on Food

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We’re back in that place again where we are having to watch our spending very closely. Groceries is always the first budget that we work on reducing in times like this. In the past, I’ve done some crazy things to save money on food.

1. Couponing

I have been known to be called “that coupon lady”. There was a time when I walked around the grocery store with a huge binder of coupons. I certainly wasn’t extreme couponer level, but I certainly knew how to get several things for free each week.

I’m back to couponing on a smaller scale now. In fact, the other day was the first time that I saved more on my bill than I spent in a very long time. I’ve got mixed emotions about couponing again. I dread the work, but love the payoff.

2. Growing a Garden

Not to say that growing a garden is crazy, but the first one we planted certainly was. There was a church member that offered us the ability to plant a garden on his property. We had no earthly clue what we were getting ourselves into.

When we rolled up to his house, he had used a massive piece of farm equipment to till the ground and make rows. Oh boy was it huge! It isn’t what I would have called a garden by any stretch.

He helped us plant so many vegetables and tend the garden. It was a huge blessing to us and gave us the skills to plant gardens over the years. In fact, we have a garden growing in our tiny, little backyard at our new house.

Check out this tiny yard and square foot garden I’ve got going on-

3. Raising a Cow

Yup- you heard that right. We didn’t actually raise the cow at our house; rather my brother did. We went in on this cow with him so that we could pay less for meat. Being the city girl that I was, it was really insane to me to be supporting a cow for a few months.

I was kind of surprised that my brother didn’t use his own meat grinder and cut up the cow on his own. He has always been a hunter, and supplied us with more than enough deer meat to last us over the winters.

This is one thing that I really wish we were able to do. If we had the ability to buy a cow again, I think I would definitely invest in a meat grinder for my brother. Of course, I would have to check out the best meat grinder in 2017. I’m sure they’ve come a long way since the last time we were in need of one.

Benefits of a Meat Grinder

The biggest benefit to having a meat grinder is being able to handle the meat yourself. You can control the amount of fat that you add to leaner meats. Not only that, you know exactly what is going in it. What I have found is that every butcher has their own ideas of what should be added into the meat when it is being packaged. I think having a meat grinder would make me feel better about the prepping of the meat.

These are just a few of the more extreme things we have done to save money on food. There’s plenty of other small things we do from day to day to keep the budget low.

What kind of crazy things have you done to save money on groceries in the past?


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