3 Questions About Sex We Are Answering in Our Marriage Course

If you hadn’t heard, Austin and I launched our first ever online course. In this course, we are covering 5 different areas of the marriage relationship- communication, friendship, romance, sex life, and finances. I wanted to share with you the top three questions we answer during the video portion of the course.

  1. What do we do with our different sex drives?
  2. Why can’t the wife orgasm the way she wants?
  3. How can I be more sexually confident in the bedroom?

The workbook has a lot of information on this topic as well as a few couples projects. For the sex life chapter, there is a bedroom language worksheet and a sexy bedroom game that you and your spouse can enjoy.

We understand that your sex life is a very personal part of your life. If you ever have questions you want us to address, always feel free to email me at Keelie@lovehopeadventure.com

If you’re ready to purchase the course now, feel free to use the buy now button below. 

Other things on my mind this week-

3 questions we are going to answer about communication 

3 questions we are going to answer about friendship

Have a fabulous week!


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