3 Things You Should be Doing For Your Spouse Everyday

Life can become so overwhelming with checklists of things to accomplish each day. I know that for myself, if I’m not intentional, my lovelife can easily take a back seat. We run around all day, and then collapse on the couch in a mindless stupor before we shuffle ourselves off to bed. It takes a conscious effort to serve my husband everyday and show him my love for him. These are a few things you can do each day to invest in your marriage relationship.


1. Build Your Relationship With God


I believe that it is very important for the health of your marriage relationship that you spend time with God. When you are taking the time out to work on your relationship with God, you will be able to meet your spouse’s needs. Being renewed in your mind and spirit is very beneficial to any relationship in your life. One thing we must remember, is that it is not our spouse’s job to make us happy. It isn’t their job to fulfill us or give us purpose in life. It is only by being in relationship with Christ that gives you the fulfillment and joy you need. One of the best ways for you to love and serve your partner is to become the spouse God wants you to be. That can only happen when you are working toward your relationship with Him.


2. Really Communicate


Communication in your marriage and dating relationships is a very important part of the day. This is not merely sharing with your significant other what happened while they were gone, but it is the act of truly listening and finding a way to connect. True communication is actively listening and being interested in what is going on in your loved one’s life. I think that so many times, we sit back and just wait until it is our turn to talk. Especially as a woman, I find it very difficult to be quiet and listen without interjecting my thoughts and interrupting with murrieds of questions. I know that Austin struggles with sitting quiet when I’m sharing my frustrations and problems. He is constantly trying to fix my issues. Really communicating is listening with all of your mind, and not being distracted by what is going on around you or in your own thoughts. Your spouse or significant other needs you to listen to them intently.


3. Show Your Affection


Sometimes, we can get so busy with our lives, that we forget to be affectionate with our spouse. Have you ever had a few days pass by and it is almost as if you are just sharing the home with a roommate, not a lover? Each day you should be intentional about showing your affection to your partner in one way or another. Love and affection take on many different forms. Even if you are not with your spouse, you can still show them how much you care. A simple text message saying, “I love you”, or a kiss when they walk in the door, tells them you have been thinking about them. While full on intimacy may not take place everyday, affection is the perfect way to keep your romance simmering until you have the chance to be together in a passionate way.

This is not a full list of the things you can do for your loved one, just a few things to keep in mind each day that will help you serve your spouse.

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3 Responses

  1. Good points. Showing affection each day is important. As you say, love and affection take many forms, but spouses need to show each other affection and caring each day.

  2. How about affection shown in forms that both the giver and the receiver both like? If the wife knows that her husband likes to kiss, then she could enjoy doing that with her husband. One should enjoy showing affection to their spouse.

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