3 Ways You Shouldn’t Ask to Make Love and 1 Way You Should

3 Ways you should ask for sex from your spouse and 1 way you shouldnt

Regardless of your sex drive, there will be days when you are in the mood and want to tell your spouse. Here are some tips to help you get your point across efficiently. In my experience, I’ve tried a lot of things that didn’t get my point across and only one thing that has.

Don’t put kids to bed early and wait for them to jump you

If you are in the mood, this seems like the perfect time to get started on some love making so you can call it an early night.

Putting kids in bed early isn’t enough for them to get it. They might just think they have more time to work on a project before sitting down or heading to bed.

Don’t stand between them and what they are doing

This is probably one of the worst ways to hit on your spouse. For example, if they are watching television, they aren’t  going to understand why you are getting between them and what they are working on.

In your mind, you think they’ll realize they are about to get lucky and cut off the tv in haste. What really happens is that they try to look around you and eventually get upset. Not the kind of response you need when trying to woo your lover.

Don’t put on something sexy and expect them to get it

You might be getting close with this, but not there, yet. It seems like they should be all over you if you take the time to look sexy.

The thing about that is they always think you look sexy and have to restrain themselves every day. Why should you putting on a slightly risque’ outfit cause them to think you are ready to hit the bed?

Do come right out and ask!

Even in marriage, we are notorious for trying to beat around the bush to get what we want. I’ll just go ahead and let you in on a little secret…your spouse doesn’t get it.

If you need your love to rock your world, come right out and tell them. Use your words followed by a few kisses. I promise they’ll get it, then.

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