4 Things I’m Going to Ask Austin Before The Ball Drops

Austin and I have spent every single New Year’s Eve together since we were 16. The night has always been special to us. At the end of every year, we take a look back at the previous year. Some years we’ve looked back with bitterness and others we’ve been sad to see them go.

Before the ball drops, we usually have a few deep discussions. We’ve already talked about whether or not we have any goals for the coming year. I like to know what he’s reaching for so I can be there to encourage him or push him forward. And I like for him to know my goals so he can do the same for me.

There are a few other discussions that we need to have before tomorrow night. Here are 4 questions I’m going to ask him:

1. How’s the communication in our relationship and overall satisfaction?
2. How’s our sex life and areas we can improve?
3. How’s our friendship and ways we can connect better?
4. What are our big financial goals for this year and how can we set aside enough money to make that happen?

We are huge advocates of marriage checkups. I’m not talking about once in your life, but at least once a year. We use New Year’s as a way to do that. This is why we created our marriage course 5 Foundations to Intimacy in Marriage.

The questions we ask each other each year helps us make sure we’re doing well in these 5 main areas. Learn about our course here. Or if you are ready to checkout, you can buy our course here. If you have any questions about it, just send me a message. I’ll be glad to get back to you.

Have a happy New Year! I hope you get a chance to sit down and talk to your spouse and make sure things are going well in your marriage.

We love you and we’re excited about the year to come!

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