4 Tips to Keep the Spark Alive After Marriage

We just celebrated our 16 year anniversary last weekend. Even in the midst of moving, we took time out to spend time together. It’s important to date, even in the busy times of life. It’s one of the top ways we’ve kept the sparks in our marriage after this many years.

There’s more than one way to keep the spark in your marriage. I invited Samantha Martin on to share a few things you can do to have a great long-term marriage.

Here’s what she has to say-

Marriage is a totally different affair than dating where life seems like a fairytale filled with flashy clothes, candlelight dinners, spunky jazz moves, heartfelt waves of laughter, and a never-ending ray of rainbow-tinted dreams. Even Monday blues become pink because you know at the end of a long tiring day there will be somebody waiting for you with a beautiful bouquet and a warm smile.

But, being in a long-term, committed relationship that follows the wedding day can turn into a routine.

Amidst all this changing situation lies the rush to keep things excited in a situation where you know that now there will be no bouquet resting at the side of your door every morning to greet you good morning. It is hard, way too hard – coming out of rainbow dreams is always a difficult phase.

But that doesn’t mean that there is no spark left in your life post marriage. It is just that you have to put some extra efforts to keep it alive.

Here are some tips to keep the spark in your married life so that you can enjoy your 50th anniversary with happy faces and contented heart:

Break Up Your Normal Routine

You know after marriage, things start getting dull and boring because you are back to a set pattern of life with nothing new and exciting. Bring back that excitement by breaking the same routine and sneaking some new, some off-route things in life.

If Sundays are for detailed house cleaning, then you can ditch some cleaning mania and head for a picnic on a beach or tracking to trigger some adrenaline gush. Saturday night parties are also a thing even post marriage – keep them in the loop.

Surprise Each Other

It might be difficult to arrange a candlelight dinner every day or to send a surprise gift to your spouse often, but don’t let the surprises totally go out of your life. Make some space for the occasional surprises in your life to pulsate heart of your spouse on the pre-marriage beats.

Hire an event managing company like Hollywood Events party hall to arrange a small party on the beach and call your spouse’s close friends and give your better half a surprise. It will have a long-lasting impact on your relationship for many days, and you will feel the difference.

Explore New Things Together

Exploring new things doesn’t mean you have to invent a new science phenomenon. Trying out small and simple things together is the best way to make your bond strong and share a mutual feeling of excitement.

It can be going for community service together, taking yoga classes, or joining a dance class to keep your inner grooves intact. And if you don’t want to step out, then what about making some new dishes together or developing common hobbies like gardening?

Take Out Some Time to Talk

No, not talking about your exploding monthly budget, house chores, and budget of buying new house items. Here, talking means just talking about each other – sharing little stories like old times, telling each other how you spent the day, sorting out misunderstandings and recalling old memories and exchanging vows to build new ones – better ones.

Pouring your heart out is the best way to keep your relationship flowing and staying connected with each others life.

A Long Term Relationship is Fulfilling When You Work Hard

Life is not a fairytale, and after marriage, you have to come out of your utopia. You are the one who has to keep the colors of utopia intact in your life even after coming out of it.

It takes a bit of effort, some compromises, a touch of sincerity and a dash of love – and it works. It helps to keep the pre-wedding spark bright even after marriage. Magic does happen even outside fairytales – if you try!

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  1. wow wonderful tips for when am, married oh. this is nice thanks for this post. couples really needs it to keep things going.

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