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4 Ways to Encourage Your Spouse

Your marriage is the most important relationship in your life. It important to find ways to show your spouse that you love them. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to show them. There are a variety of ways to put your feelings into practice.

1. Do One Of Their “Dreaded” Tasks

Everyone loves it when someone does something for them. Each one of us has a task that we hate doing. Whether it’s dishes, running to the store, or cleaning the car, there is also chore that makes us cringe.

Discover what that is for your spouse. They will appreciate having something done for them.  It makes it even more special when you don’t tell them you’re doing it. Let them discover how much you love them.

2. Spread The Encouragement

We all love to be encouraged by many people. While receiving encouragement from your spouse is amazing, receiving from friends and family is helpful too.

Try encouraging your family and friends to find ways to boost your spouse’s day. Sending notes, making phone calls, or taking the kids for a couple of hours are some simple ideas. Think of new ways to make your spouse feel blessed and appreciated by others.

3. Plan A “Get Together” For Your Spouse

couples on a date night

If your spouse has been feeling discouraged, think about hosting a small get together for them. This does not have to be a huge extravagant dinner party. A casual evening with friends or family can lift their spirits.

Now if your spouse is the type of person that does not like a lot of attention, consider making this a smaller affair. If having a crowd tends to encourage your spouse, go for it.  You are doing this for them, so pay attention to their needs and desires.

4. A Kiss Goes A Long Way

Don’t forget to be physically affectionate with your spouse.  Hold their hand, kissing them, and hugging them can communicate love. Your spouse may love to cuddle and be touched throughout the day.

Always remember to be sensitive to the needs of your spouse. Consider their love language. It may be different than yours. Whatever their love language, find a way that will communicate how much you love them.

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