4 Ways To Tour A Busy City As A Couple

Austin and I went to San Francisco for our anniversary back in June. It was a great trip! We didn’t rent a car, so we relied on a combination of public transportation, Uber, tour buses, fairies and the hotel shuttle. It was such a great adventure to tour a busy city as a couple.

Today I invited Julia on to share her top travel tips with us. She has some great ideas to help couples tour busy cities. We pretty much did all of these things on our trip to California.

Here’s what she has to say-

Many tourists love to travel around busy and beautiful cities and see all the exciting things they can afford to see. Quite frankly, this might not be easy because a busy city is like a beehive of activities. Not everyone can withstand hustling and bustling through huge crowds while traveling around.

Traveling around large cities can be a challenge for couples. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Book in Advance

Book in advance! It’s so important to take a look at what’s offered in the city before you get there. You won’t spend as much of your trip searching for things to do if you plan ahead of time.

When you think about visiting big tourist centers, try and escape the huge crowd that fills up ticket booths. Whether you feel like seeing a city’s biggest museum or tourist attraction, make the plan ahead of time.

Tour the City by Bike

tour a busy city by bicycle for a fun adventure

If you’re a passionate tourist who loves seeing every part of a beautiful city, travel by bike. This can be a more romantic way to travel than other options.

The benefits of touring the city by bike are boundless. You easily escape traffic issues and can capture a clear view of the amazing scenery. Some natural and man-made features include:

  • Hills and rivers
  • Towering buildings
  • Amusement parks
  • And more…

All you need is a couple of city bicycles for your next busy city destination. If you’re a looking for a manly version, you can choose the best men’s bicycle as well.

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Engage the Service of a Tour Guide Expert

If you want to see the beautiful city features as a couple, one sure way to achieve your aim is to hire a tour guide expert. In big cities which boast tourist attractions, you’re certain to find a reliable tour guide expert. Most only charge a few dollars to take you around. This will enable you to focus on planning things and seeing different attractions. You’ll spend more time enjoying your time with your significant other.  

Interestingly, these tour guide experts know exactly where attractive features are. Their guided bike tours will bypass traffic jams and get you to your destination in no time.

Use Google Maps

use Google maps to tour a busy city easily

Using Google Maps helps users locate streets and towns in any geographical location. Google Maps makes it a lot easier to beat the huge crowds and tour the city without any restraint. Whether you’re touring a congested city by bike, car, or foot, you can easily use Google Maps to check traffic and decide the ideal tour routes.  

Also, Google Maps comes with the `Street View’ feature that gives you extensive street views. If you want to visit the streets in a busy city, Google Maps is the web mapping tool you need. You’ll see a clear street view and the routes linking to it.

What tips and tricks do you have to help other couples tour a busy city together?

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