5 Lockdown Date Night Ideas For Couples

Are you looking for some new date night ideas during lockdown? Check out this guest post on 5 date night ideas that you can try.

As the coronavirus lockdown continues, we are all running out of ideas to keep busy! For couples, you’re probably missing your date nights out on the town. The good news is you don’t have to go out to have a fun date night. There are plenty of activities you can try at home to beat the boredom and spend quality time together.

1 . Virtual Double Dates

Many of us are missing our friends right now, and double dates can be such great fun. Instead of letting the lockdown rain on your parade, why not set up a virtual double date? Forget that you’re sick of Zoom (for work) as this is all about the fun! Buy in plenty of wine and snacks, get dressed up (optional) and plan a time to meet online.

To jazz things up a bit, turn your date into a quiz night. There are plenty of quiz templates online if you need a few ideas.

2. Painting & Coffee

Let’s face it, many of us are getting pretty bored during the lockdown, so it’s the perfect time to try new activities. Order yourself some paints and canvases, or a paint by numbers kit. Get yourself some coffee (or whatever you like to drink) and spend the night creating some real masterpieces! No painting talent needed for this one, it’s just all about the laughs.

3. Good Old Game Night

Keep the activities coming, games nights are the perfect way to have a fun and quirky date experience. Perhaps you’ve got some old school board games like Monopoly or Cluedo? If not, try some new card games like ‘Obama Llama’, ‘Articulate’ or ‘What Do You Meme?’ You can still have plenty of fun with two players only, try adding prizes to make things more competitive!

4. Karaoke Night

Got a karaoke machine? That’s fab! Don’t have one? No problem, you’ll just have to sing a little louder. It’s easy enough to do make-shift karaoke by using instrumental versions of songs on YouTube. Try making a playlist beforehand to keep things flowing nicely. There’s no better stress release than belting out your favorite songs. The neighbours are probably just as bored as you (so they won’t mind the entertainment)! Maybe you’d like to ditch the quiz on your double date and try a bit of karaoke instead?

5. Online Theatre 

Theatres across the globe have closed their doors for now, but luckily you can still watch some amazing theatre productions online for free! The National Theatre in London has started to stream one past production per week on YouTube. You can catch a play on Thursdays by going onto The Nation Theatre YouTube Channel.

You can also check out New York Live Arts, a performance and dance company created by Bill T.Jones. The NYLA website is now streaming some fantastic theatre-based dance performances, also on Thursday nights. For the perfect date night, choose a performance you like the sound of and settle in for a chilled evening of culture.

6. Sunset Picnic

On a sunny evening, there’s nothing more relaxing than a sunset picnic in the garden. Spend the day preparing picnic foods or a BBQ, lay out a picnic mat and play your music outside. Take the chance to get dressed up to bask in the late evening sun, (don’t let the lockdown stop you from looking a little glamorous)!

Grab your Prada glasses, a cute summer dress, and head outside to enjoy the sunshine. For those who don’t have a garden space, take a picnic to your local park, once those lockdown restrictions start to ease up. If you’re not keen to leave the house right now- indoor picnics are fun too!

7. Pretend Spa Night

Spa days with your partner are just so relaxing, but alas spas are closed until further notice. To get your spa- time fix, why not try having a pretend spa night at home? All you need are some dressing gowns and a few beauty products. Take it in turns to give each other facials and massages, and don’t forget to put on that relaxing spa music! Pretend-spa nights are plenty of laughs, (he might even let you paint his nails)! Don’t forget to take selfies, too. 

When all else fails, turn to the traditional movie-night date. Go all out, pre-plan the movies, buy popcorn, pizza (and set a no phone rule). Who knows, after the lockdown you and your partner might want to keep up the unique date ideas. Above all, enjoy these strange times spending quality time together. Who knows when we will have this much free time again, so make the most.

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