Any kind of quote tends to stick with you. They are these short little snippets that describe an immense feeling that you have and puts it in a succinct sentence. I’m certainly a huge fan of quotes that bring an emotion to my mind. Here are my top 10 Love Quotes.

1. Your Smile is My Favorite

your my favorite one

There is no doubt that a smile is one of the first things that a person notices about you. When you are showing your happiness to the world around you, it makes your beauty shine. When I think about my husband being happy, it brings a smile to my face.

2. True Love



Even though I have those butterflies that swarm around my stomach when my darling kisses my lips, I never forget what true love looks like. It isn’t those warm fuzzies, but instead it is hard work that requires me to put his needs first. When I am doing that for him and he is doing that for me, neither of us are in want.


3. Difficult Days Grow Love


It is in the hard days of your life that love abounds and shines through. When you are going through something difficult with your loved one, you see what your love is truly made of.

4. Love Is Not A Score

love is not a score keeper

This isn’t a game, and love does not keep score. When you start keeping score, you both loose. When you are married or in a romantic relationship, working together as a team is what counts.

 5. Love is a Choice



Love is always a choice, not something you fall in and out of, despite what songs and television teach you. Every day you must get up and decide to stay committed to the ones in your life that you care for. Whether you are in a dating relationship or marriage, love is a decision. There may have been some type of natural attraction at the start, but it eventually becomes something you decide to do.


What are your favorite quotes or scriptures about love? I would love to read them in the comments.


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