Are you moving in with your spouse? Congrats! Buying a home, or renting a home with another person can be a tricky subject. It seems amazing, but a lot of things pop up along the way that might potentially stress you out. That is okay, though – it is part of life and part of living with another person. That’s why I wanted to share with you a few tips for moving in with your significant other. Let’s walk through this together!

1. Finance Talk Is Important

Talking about finances might be one of the most important things that you can do BEFORE moving in together – before you even start packing boxes, or house hunting. 

For some reason, a lot of people (especially couples) make talk about money this point of shame and embarrassment. To the point where a lot of couples just avoid the subject all together. It’s really unfortunate because their relationship and their finances would be much stronger if they just took the time to discuss it all before jumping into anything. 

Talking about finances before the move is important so that you know how much you can afford, how much you need to set aside, and also helps give you a chance to discuss future bills, savings, and other monetary expectations that can ease future tensions. 

Creating a system for bills, opening a joint checking account, and being honest about budgeting goals will make your first few months living together go a lot smoother!

2. Establish House Rules

I’ve found myself in living situations with people where I felt like I was playing mom, and not in a cute way. Chores aren’t fun when you’re 13, and they aren’t when you’re 30 either, so have a quick chat beforehand so you don’t end up resenting each other. 

If one of you cooks, have the other do the dishes. While you’re vacuuming, ask him or her to scrub the shower. Cleaning is way easier when you’re suffering together! House rules are not just about splitting up the chores, though. They are also about the daily flow of life. What is allowed and what is not? What would make you angry and what makes you laugh? Is it okay to leave the toilet seat up? What about sleeping in if you are an early riser? 

A lot of the things that do come up will just come up naturally as you learn about one another. Do keep in mind that even if you set house rules, you will have a time where you will be annoyed with one another. That is normal and natural, but the hard part is working through them in a healthy manner. Once you figure out how to do that, you are good to go! Prioritize the HEALTH of your relationship and figure out how to work out the bumps in the road together.

3. Communication Is Necessary

Relationships are all about *feelings* right? So kick it up a notch once you’re in the same space, because if you’re fighting about stupid stuff all the time, you’re both going to be insanely miserable.

If you’re annoyed because your partner is leaving the toilet seat up and then your cat drinks water out of the bowl and then licks your face and it’s GROSS (hypothetically, of course), just straight-up tell him or her. Nip it in the bud and move on. To do this, however, you really need to make sure that your communication skills are stellar, so work on improving those before you move in together. Or heck, even before you get into a relationship, or especially before getting married!! 

4. Take Inventory And Downsize

Do you have the newer couch? Is one bed bigger than the other? Do you really need two blenders? Add “making a home inventory” to your moving in together checklist. This way, you can keep track of where there are duplicate items, make note of furniture sizes, and get a clear picture of what home goods are still needed—which, if you’re getting married soon, before you move in together, can be added to your wedding registry. 

Once you have taken inventory of everything, figure out what you do not need and downsize. It’s okay that things need to go! Figure out what will or won’t fit in your space, or what you have multiple items of. Parting with items can be difficult for some, so remember to be kind and work together as a team!

5. Remember: You Do Not Have To Do It All

Working together as a team is fantastic, but remember: you do not have to do it all yourself. Sometimes, being a team means realizing when you both need to take a break from the neverending to-do list and instead, spend time together.

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