5 Unique Gift Ideas For Your Significant Other

It can be so difficult to come up with meaningful gifts for every holiday, special occasion or just because. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I’m just giving the same thing again and again to Austin. I am always in the market for finding cute ideas that will communicate to him exactly how much I love him. Here are some unique gift ideas that I have found. Hopefully, these ideas will spark your creativity so that you can create fun gifts for the special someone in your life.


1. Make a Video


Put some of your favorite pictures together in a slide show and set them to music. Upload the video to facebook and tag them in the post. Or you can make a video with a special message of all the reasons you love them. You might choose to text your significant other the message privately. I actually made a video for some friends of mine that were having an anniversary. I tagged them in it on Facebook. They really loved it. For other video ideas, check out this link:


Source: http://www.thedatingdivas.com/you-me/show-him-the-love/video-message-to-your-spouse/


2. Give Checks of Love


Print off a stack of blank checks for your loved one to cash in. You can write a check for 20 kisses or check for 10 hugs. Whatever you know they will like, write a check for it. You can also leave a few blank for them to come up with his own ideas. The link below gives you blank check templates.


Source: http://freestuff4kids.net/playchecks.pdf


3.  Breakfast in Bed


Your loved one is sure to enjoy sleeping in while you slip out to make their favorite breakfast. Write a note that has a special message to attach and sit it by the bed. For even more fun, crack the eggs into a heart shaped form on the griddle, or make heart shaped pancakes. Check out the link below for some other cute breakfast ideas.


Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/233413193160782211/


4. I Love You Underwear


Make your significant other a pair of underwear that tells of your undying love. Use fabric markers to write special messages on white underwear. Whether you are making this for a man or woman, they are sure to love it. The link below will take you to underwear that is covered in messages. Everytime they wear these boxers, they are sure to think  of your love.


Source: http://www.webundies.com/fb269.htm?gclid=CLyI39v707sCFWJo7AodtxgAgg


5. Dress Up and Take Them Out


Get really dressed up and take your loved one out to dinner to their favorite restaurant. Show them that they are worth the time it takes for you to look really nice. While out to dinner, come up with things to talk about that you normally don’t entertain. If you need some ideas, look at the book below for great dinner conversation starters. It is always more fun to talk about something other than your normal responsibilities.


Source: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/love-talk-starters-les-and-leslie-parrott/1110900348?ean=9780310810476

Your loved one is sure to know how much you care because of the time and energy you put into making these gift ideas. Any of these unique gift ideas would be a great way to show them how much you love them. Don’t let a day pass by without showing your love.

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