50s sock hop costume

Halloween is only a few days away and we have our couples costume put together for this year. Since it is the year that Marty McFly came to the future in Back to the Future, Austin said it only made sense to go with that theme.

Austin has his Marty McFly costume in the makings. Check out the beginnings of his guitar!

back to the future guitar

I will post about his costume later on. Since I had to do a test run with my hair and makeup, I decided to go ahead and put together this costume idea.

50’s Sock Hop Costume

Normally, I use what I already own to create costumes at Halloween. I happened to find a poodle skirt (actually records) at the thrift store. So, I went ahead and purchased the skirt.

Since the skirt was yellow with black records, I am wearing a black button shirt with a black button up sweater. If I had a white button up shirt, that would be my preference.

Around my neck, I have tied a very thin scarf. You can use any small piece of material to do this. Bandanas are also used often times for your hair.

I’m wearing white socks and black flats. If you do not have black flats or black shoes, then you can wear white tennis shoes. You can also glue a bit of lace around the cuff of the sock if you would like. Almost everyone has a bit of glue for shoes laying around, so finding the materials shouldn’t be a problem!

50’s Hairstyles

sock hop hair

To complete the look, I went with a pin up style. Victory rolls to the rescue! There are a lot of styles that you can do for your sock hop look. I chose a pin up style because my hair is very long. During that era, women were going with shorter styles that won’t work for me.

I used this video tutorial to give me the inspiration for my hairstyle.

Makeup For The Sock Hop

sock hop costume

Since I went with a pin up hairstyle, I did my makeup to compliment it. Normally, I do not wear much makeup, but I usually do a lot when it comes to dressing up for Halloween.

I watched this tutorial to help me with my makeup. I didn’t do everything she did, but used what I have to create a good look.

Hopefully these tutorials will give you a great idea of how to create your sock hop look. If you are doing the Back to the Future theme, I’d love to hear about it. If not, what are you going to be this year?

Need other ideas for couples Halloween costumes? Check out things we have dressed as in the past.

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bert and mary poppins

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