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6 Amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Man

If you have a new and budding relationship or one that has been around for a long time, take this Valentine’s Day to solidify your feelings. Consider giving him a unique gift to express your feelings and emotions of the way he makes you feel. Take a look at the list of great Valentine’s Day ideas below.


1. Love Potion


He is sure to be love struck with a homemade love potion. Take used bottles and wash them out completely. Peel any sticker or tags off of the bottle. Fill each with a drink you know he will appreciate. You can also purchase the drink of his choice and add a label that says, “Love Potion” on the outside of it. Either way, you are sure to win over his heart with this special potion.

2. 52 Things


Buy a deck of 52 cards to make this sweet gift for him. Write out 52 reasons that you love him on small square pieces of paper. Paste these sentiments onto the center of the face side of the card. Punch holes in each of the cards and feed them through a metal ring. This Valentine’s gift will have his heart smiling with all the things you love about him.

3. Manly Bouquet


Create a manly bouquet for him this Valentine’s Day. Buy some of his favorite things, such as drink choices, toiletry items, cds, hot sauces, or anything else you know he will appreciate. Attach each of the items with tape onto a thin dowel rod. To create a bouquet, stick these rods into a piece of floral foam and wrap the foam in red paper.

4. Book of Love


Use an empty journal to create a book of love for him. Take time on each page to write a part of the story of your relationship. Or you can write on each page something that you love to do with him. Either way, he will fall in love with you more when he reads these special messages from you.

5. Cupid’s Arrows


Let him know you are ready for him to make you fall in love with by giving him Cupid’s arrows. Make Valentine’s Day arrows out of thin dowel rods wrapped in ribbon or covered in spray paint. Create a heart tip for each arrow and make red feathers at the other end. Place these arrows in a pringles can that is empty and has been covered in Valentine’s scrapbooking paper.

6. Mad Libs


For Valentine’s Day this year, buy Mad Libs that are designed for those in love. Plan a fun date together and fill out a few of these. This will certainly bring a memorable time for you.

This Valentine’s Day, show your man just how much you love him. Create lasting memories that you can share together for years to come.

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