6 Random Date Ideas

Dating is so important in marriage. It’s essential in keeping the romance fires burning. But after years of dating, both before and after marriage, coming up with new date ideas can get hard. Angela is with us today to share 6 random date ideas. 

Let’s face it, the same old tired date ideas get boring after a while, and married couples are more susceptible to this truth than other couples. The key to any successful marriage is communication and growth (and not just reading love quotes to each other!), and one of the best ways to promote both of those aspects of your relationship is to think up new and exciting ways to spend your free time together.

Dinner and a movie has been done to death, so try to think outside the box for something truly creative. Here are a few ideas to help get the creativity flowing.

1. Personalized Scavenger Hunts

While this idea does take a bit of time in terms of preparation, it is also one of the most entertaining options. The idea is to create a list of items or objectives that are significant to your spouse. The specialization of the activity makes it that much more enjoyable on an intimate scale.

There are tons of ways to create fun scavenger hunts with your loved one. Try to think about items or places that are special to you and your loved one as a couple. Things that might have no significance for most could be monumentally important within your relationship.

2. Spa Day

There’s no reason a date has to be confined to the night, and taking a spa day with your spouse is an exquisite way to shed the stresses of life while reaffirming your love and devotion to your partner. There are a number of spa activities that couples can enjoy together, like massages, saunas, and general relaxation.

3. Game Night

Many couples already enjoy playing the occasional game on their date night, but focusing on games for the entire evening can create an even more entertaining scenario. Perhaps you enjoy playing chess with your spouse, or maybe a game of pool is more your speed. A bit of friendly competition is more than capable of sparking a deeper connection.

The great thing about this idea is that it’s so versatile. You can have a board game night at home, or you can go out somewhere to enjoy more public games like bowling or billiards.

4. Read Together

This might sound a bit strange, but it is surprisingly peaceful and intimate to read a book with your husband or wife. You’ve probably already got an e-reader filled with books, so choose one and take turns reading aloud to each other. Unlike television or movies, the act of reading and listening creates a bond between two people that goes deeper than mere entertainment.

You’ll never have to worry about running out of content thanks to the plethora of online reading material, and you’ll strengthen the relationship with your spouse in ways you probably didn’t think possible. If books really aren’t your thing, you could always read quotes about family life together online instead.

5. Farmer’s Market and Dinner

Unlike dinner and a movie, this date idea uses a single event around which plans can be made. In this case, that event is dinner. By browsing through a local farmer’s market with your spouse, you can decide upon a delicious meal that you can prepare together using ingredients purchased at the market.

Making dinner together as a family, including the shopping and prep work, is a great way to bring couples closer together. It requires cooperation, communication, and a dash of love and affection.

6. Stargazing

This is one of the most romantic activities you can enjoy with your spouse. Stargazing is both relaxing and awe-inspiring at the same time. The serenity that can be achieved is quite conducive for emotional intimacy. You’ll probably have to take a little drive to find somewhere without any light pollution from urban centers, but the experience will be worth the solitude.

Angela is on the content team at www.bighivemind.com. She can be found around the web writing about love, relationships, and marriage. Angela enjoys cooking, theatre and spending time with her small family.”

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