7 Coffee Inspired Gifts For Father’s Day

Coffee is something that Austin and I have connected over again and again throughout the years. It is not uncommon for me to give him something coffee related for holidays and celebrations. With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, I thought some coffee inspired gifts are in order.

I invited Dennies John on today to share with us a few gift ideas that you can consider-

When your new spouse comes shuffling out of the bedroom with drool on their chin and red zombie eyes firmly fixed on the coffee maker, the honeymoon is probably over. Instead of despairing, just embrace their addiction with these fun coffee-inspired gifts!

1. Coffee-Scented Bath Products

If your honey loves the fragrance of a fresh cup of coffee, consider rubbing it all over them to send their consciousness into heaven. The good news is that you don’t have to dunk their heads in actual liquid coffee; you can just look for things like coffee butter scrubs and French vanilla body wash. If you’re willing to steal a few dollops, you can make yourself irresistible too!

2. Milk Frother

The greatest gift that you can give another human being is an excuse not to go to Starbucks. If your spouse loves creamy, frothy coffee blends but hates waiting in line to get them, buy them a milk frother that can be used in conjunction with their regular coffee maker. They’ll love you so much that they’ll want to marry you all over again.

3. Container Sets

Container sets will keep your kitchen nice and organized despite the fact that your spouse looks and behaves like Gollum before they get their morning fix. As a bonus, container sets can be purchased with all kinds of colors, patterns and themes, so you’ll get to have lots of fun choosing one that matches your spouse’s hobbies or interests. You can literally buy them a Gollum set if they’re a LOTR nerd!

4. Color-Changing Mugs

These are fun little gifts that work through the power of themochromic paint. To put it simply, they respond to the temperature of the mug and change appearance according to the wavelengths being bounced around by light and heat. Not only will color-changing mugs offer neat magic to witness every morning, but they can also be a valuable tool in avoiding burned fingers.

5. Coffee Clothes

From witty t-shirts to beanies shaped like actual coffee beans, there’s no shortage of clothes that declare the wearer’s love for java. You’ll just have to figure out which outfits and accessories are right for your spouse. Try to choose something that playfully makes fun of their addiction without actually casting judgement on them; your marriage is still new, so you don’t want to get off on the wrong foot.

6. Subscription Services

You can find all kinds of coffee-inspired subscription services through the Internet. Some will deliver exotic beans from around the world; others will present samples of different flavors, textures and cultures. If you like the thought of a gift that keeps on giving, sign up your spouse for a coffee subscription. Just be prepared for the accusations that you’re a dirty enabler!

7. Coffee Maker

Last but certainly not least, you can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned coffee maker. Actually, scratch that. Don’t buy something old-fashioned. Look for a hip and modern coffee maker that comes with all kinds of dazzling features like automated timers and programmable menus. You can even find “smart” coffee makers that can be programmed from your phone while you’re both lounging in bed on a lazy Sunday morning.

These are just a few great gifts for the coffee addict in your life. Whether they’re a latte lover or a frappuccino fiend, they’re sure to find something to like in this collection. Good luck with your marriage and your java-filled future!


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