7 Secrets of Staying Married for Life

Not all marriages end in divorce. Not all marriages get to a place of barely getting by. Many people stay in thriving relationships and grow deeper in their love every day.

I invited Meredith Zacharias on to share some of her secret for a long lasting relationship. Here’s what she has to say-

Not all marriages end in divorce. Not all marriages get to a place of barely getting by. Many people stay in thriving relationships and grow deeper in their love every day.


Listening to media reports about “the death of marriage” can be quite heart-breaking. The high rates of divorce do not help things either. It is, however, not all gloom and doom because there are many couples who take their vows seriously and end up enjoying the happily ever after life.

It is usually not an easy task because two people have to work hard to co-exist while having the best of times. Here are seven secrets of staying in love and growing old with your significant other.

1. Marry for the Right Reasons

It all begins with what brought two people together in the first place. Many people will want to get married to someone for the wrong reasons. Maybe they are rushing it because they are getting old. Or they think no one else will come along.

Get to know a person well while dating to make sure that you are marrying them because you love them and cannot live without them, and not for some flimsy excuses. This way, when all the other things fade, you will still have each other’s hearts.

2. Come up with Creative Ways to Enjoy Intimacy

Human beings are sexual and it is important to satisfy this need if you want to last in your marriage. Go out and purchase the best pubic hair trimmer and offer to shave your partner to make things interesting in and out of the bedroom.

Listen to each other’s needs and try to find out what your husband or wife likes so that everyone ends up enjoying the intimate sessions. Try and be a little adventurous to know the things that work well for you as a couple and the things that do not.

3. Never Stop Dating

Just because you put a ring on it does not mean that you have to stop trying to impress your spouse. Find time to spend quality time with each other doing the things that you love like appreciating your spouse.

4. Do not Compare your Relationship to Others

Many couples are guilty of trying to live up to other people’s relationships. It is the worst thing that you could ever do because you could end up breaking a good thing because you feel like you do not measure up.

Note that there is no gold standard in regards to marriage. Everyone has problems and secrets. Just find out what works best for you two and run with it. Forget about what other people have to say as long as you happy and willing to put in the work to have the best relationship on your terms.

5. Communicate

Do not think that your partner is a mind reader. You must communicate with each other as it is key to a long-lasting relationship. Talk about anything and everything that might affect your marriage.

For instance, if you want to have kids, make sure you are on the same page in regards to how many and how to raise them. You may have to compromise sometimes, but it is important to talk about things whether you are happy or unhappy. This can help to save the marriage from a lot of trouble in the future.

6. Take Good Care of Yourself

Even after staying married for decades it is important to make sure you take good care of your body. Make an effort to look good for your partner, so that they can fall in love with you over and over again. Do not let yourself go as this can be a turn-off that can lead to messy breakup.

7. Get Expert Help When you Need it

Marriage is not always a smooth ride. You are bound to experience some problems once in a while. If you are not able to sort out the differences on your own, do not shy away from seeking professional help. A marriage counsellor or therapist could be just what you need to get things rolling, so that you can continue enjoying your marriage.

Let no one lie to you that there is a perfect marriage. You never really know what goes on behind closed doors. Just put in an effort to love your spouse and improve your relationship as the years go by to stay happily married till death does you apart.

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