9 Gadgets You Need For a Romantic Day Out On the Lake

I’ve not spent a lot of time on boats, but I can see how completely romantic they would be. I have a friend who told me they rented a big boat for their honeymoon. It was a lot of work, but really worth it.

I invited Sumeet on to share with us the 9 gadgets you need if you are ready for a romantic day out on the lake.

Here is what he has to say-

If you want to have a great day out on the lake with your spouse, it is important to be equipped with the right boating gadgets and accessories. You may find that getting on the water is a great way to reconnect.

Here are the gadgets I recommend

1. Safety gear

Any boat must be equipped with quality floatation gear like life jackets or throw cushions. It is essential to own plenty of floatation accessories, enough for any number of people that might be in the boat. Certain floatation devices are mandatory in some states, but even if they are not in your state, you should still buy them, because safety is very important on a boat.

Moreover, you must also buy a first aid kit, as well as a safety kit featuring flares, an air horn, a whistle, a VHF radio, a knife, a flashlight and some basic tools. Don’t forget the GPS and the fire extinguisher. A boat should also have a survival kit with plenty of food and a water desalination system.

2. A solar panel and a solar charger

Any boat owner owns a battery charger, but it helps if you also own a solar panel, to prevent the batteries from dying when they are not used. Moreover, if you travel with a lot of electronics, you might also want to consider a solar charger.

3. A floating keychain

If there is one thing that can ruin a boating adventure, that is dropping your boat keys in the water. If that ever happens, you can kiss your keys goodbye and consider yourself stranded in the middle of the ocean. To prevent this from happening, invest in a quality floating keychain. Go to https://mycustomfloatingkeychains.com/ to order a custom keychain that can handle the weight of your keys and one that suits your taste.

4. A cooler

When the hot summer sun gets the best of you, there is nothing more enjoyable than having a cold drink on your boat’s deck. In order to enjoy this little pleasure, invest in a quality cooler. When buying the cooler, consider how many people usually accompany you on your boat trips, and buy a cooler with a capacity suitable for your needs. Make sure to buy one that can keep your drinks cool for at least a day, and consider a model with non-slip feet and tie-down slots, so that you can secure it on the boat.

5. A dry box

A dry bag or a dry box is the perfect solution for keeping your smartphone and other electronics dry while you are riding the waves. Most dry bags are quite affordable, costing less than $20. Make sure to pick either a box or a bag big enough to handle all your electronics.

6. A waterproof speaker

Whether you want to listen to your favorite music while adventuring on the sea, or you are planning on throwing a boat party, a waterproof speaker is a great solution to set any kind of mood.

7. A weather meter

Whether meters have been around for a while, but the latest models feature innovative technologies that collect real-time information on a wide range of nearby weather conditions. From wind speed, to wind direction, temperature and possible storms, weather meters can provide you with valuable data that you can use to plan your next trip or adjust your current one.

8. A waterproof tablet

If you can’t stay away from work, or you enjoy watching a movie or reading a book while you are out on the sea, a waterproof tablet can be the answer to all your problems. The latest tablets are not only splash-resistant, but they can actually be completely submerged underwater without taking any damage.

9. A boat grill

If there is one thing better than grilling when camping, that is grilling when boating. Whether you bring your own meat or you plan on grilling the fish that you will catch, a boat grill is a must have accessory for any boat owner.

Hopefully these gadgets will help your day go off without a hitch. I recommend if this is your first time on a boat, you shouldn’t go too far from the shoreline. Take it slow as you get your feet wet.

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