How To Have A Date Night At Home

When you have been married for years, sometimes the things you used to do when you were dating falls by the wayside. The daily grind just gets in the way of being romantic and flirting with the one you love. Whether you have kids or not, an at-home date night is a perfect way to reconnect emotionally and physically.

But if you’re like a lot of people, by the end of the night, you just want to sit on the couch in exhaustion and watch something on tv. Even if you’re tired, you can still have a fun or romantic date night at home. Simply not having to get dressed up and leave the house is a bonus!

I think the key to having a successful date night at home is to put some effort into it so that it seems special. One of the biggest challenges to at-home date nights is making the event different than normal. I have a very hard time unplugging from all the work I have to do, since I work from home in every aspect.

I’m always mom, which brings a wealth of responsibilities. Then you add in that I make a paycheck while I sit on my couch and write. For me to feel like we are having a date night in our home, I have to make a conscious effort to do something special and out of the ordinary.

How to Have a Successful Date Night at Home

Here are a few tips on how to have a successful at-home date night:

  1. Come up with an activity – decide ahead of time if you are going to play a game, watch a movie, sit and talk, etc.
  2. Remove as many distractions as you can – this may mean having your date night in your bedroom or some other part of the house where your responsibilities are not staring you in the face.
  3. Make it simple – you don’t have to put in tons of effort to make a date night successful. The Dating Divas have a ton of at-home date night ideas here that are fairly done for you. Pick one that you think is doable, and go for it.
  4. End the night with sex – at-home date nights make it easy to end the night with sex. You can make your whole date night a sex date (check out my bedroom game pack here) or just stick with the things you love.

These tips will help you create a romantic and fun night with your spouse.

Date Night At Home Ideas

Here are a few ideas of things you can do for your next date night in.

Create a Snuggle Basket

This is where you can be creative for your own personal dating relationship. Whatever kinds of things you enjoy having to snuggle can be placed in a basket. If you don’t have a basket, then you can use something else to hold the items.

As for me, I really like having a blanket and pillows. Throwing in a hot drink for the winter or something cold for the summer is another essential. Lighting candles and bringing down the lights in the room allow me to relax.

When you build your date night basket, add in the things that make snuggling fun for you. A movie that you both would enjoy might be a nice idea. If you would rather talk while cuddling, I suggest bringing out some old photos of you and your loved one.

The thing that can ruin an at-home date night the fastest is talking about work, kids, or responsibilities. If you want to be successful in dating in a relationship with your spouse, you have to figure out other things to talk about that will put you in the mood. It gets your brain fired up to talk about responsibilities, and you have a hard time unwinding from them.

DIY Photoshoot

A DIY photoshoot night would be a lot of fun. You and your spouse can pick an outfit for each other to wear and then take pictures of one another. Consider different poses, places around the house, and props. Or you can make this date night take a sexy turn and play a round of sexy picture dares. If you are going to take pictures of yourselves that are meant for your eyes only, I highly recommend you use the Just Between Us app.

Watch a Movie In Your Car

Need some privacy? Set up a movie in your car. You can park in the garage if it is cold out and snuggle up under blankets. And that helps with privacy. Or if you have a fairly secluded driveway to sit in, you can park outside and enjoy the outdoors.

This date idea can actually be done during the day or night. Whatever works for you. If all you have is an hour while your kid’s nap, you can sneak outside and do this date idea.

Why is Dating In Marriage is Important

Dating in a relationship, whether it is with your spouse or a significant other, shouldn’t go away once you get married and build a home together. My mom always told me that one day all of her kids would be out of the house, and it would be just her and dad. For that reason, she and my dad have continued to date each other. And now that they have been married for more than 50 years, I would say she knows what she’s talking about.

She told me the saddest thing that could happen is that after building a life with someone for many years would be to get to the golden years of life and realize you didn’t do what it took to still like each other. She is certainly correct in that.

Hopefully, you are able to find some inspiration for a date night at home. Even if you don’t like cuddling, then you can build a different idea that will meet your needs. Relationships and dating can both be a challenge.

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