A Guide to Staying Healthy and Losing Weight


It can be difficult to not gain weight during the holidays. Honestly, I did pretty good at keeping the weight off that I’ve been losing over Thanksgiving. There are things you can do to keep the weight off. I invited Jessica Tanner on to share with us some strategies on keeping the weight off during the holidays.

So many people know that they should be eating a healthy diet, but they just don’t know how to get it right. Here’s your guide to getting it right:

Here’s what she has to say-

So many people know that they should be eating a healthy diet, but they just don’t know how to get it right. Here’s your guide to getting it right:

Learn As Much As You Can About Nutrition

Instead of paying attention to what the TV and magazines try to tell you, start learning as much as you can about nutrition. Magazines often have deals with companies to pedal their products, so it isn’t a good idea to listen to them. It can be quite complicated, but try not to worry too much. In general, a diet that has a well rounded balance of healthy proteins, fats, and carbs is best.

You shouldn’t be cutting anything out, as it’s unhealthy and doesn’t last. The more natural your food choices, the better. For protein, lean meat is good. For fats, something like nutsnco.com.sg is good. For carbs, sweet potato and other veggies.

Put Less Of A Focus On Calories and ‘Diet Foods’

Stay on your diet with these tricks

Some people seem to think that diet foods are healthy, when in fact they are full of junk and leave you feeling even hungrier. Calories are sort of important if you’re looking after your weight, but you can still eat a meal that is healthy and high in calories. This is why you need to learn about nutrition. There are so many great YouTube videos and articles to help you.


Eat All Foods In Moderation

If you fancy a treat, don’t deprive yourself. Just don’t eat until you feel sick. Eating a large pizza to yourself or a whole packet of cookies is probably a bad idea. Eating in moderation is key to a balanced diet. Nothing should be ‘off limits’ as this creates the wrong kind of mindset.

Listen To How Your Body Feels And Responds To Certain Foods

Avoid allergen foods when you are dieting

Everybody is different. Make sure you pay attention to how your body feels and responds to certain foods. If you feel rubbish after eating dairy, for instance, it’s a good idea to limit it and find alternatives. Some people even react badly to foods that are supposed to be healthy. This is why you need to know when you feel good and when you don’t feel so good.

Work Out Your Emotional Triggers

Some people have emotional triggers that cause binges. Work out what yours are. Be mindful of them and don’t try to quieten your feelings with food.

Don’t Keep Certain Foods In The House

If you know your struggle to avoid eating the whole jar of Nutella with a spoon, then don’t keep it in the house. At least until you’ve worked on your issues and you know you can have one portion and leave it at that.

Plan Beforehand

Plan your meals beforehand to avoid eating junk food. If you let yourself get too hungry, you’ll likely binge. If you don’t plan, it’s all too tempting to grab something unhealthy. Planning your meals helps so much.  


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