Anal sex takes time for it to feel good for a couple, but it can be well worth it for some. I’ve been asked to share tips for anal sex and I’m going to give you some as well as address the, “Is anal sex ok” question.

Here’s the thing, I kind of didn’t even want to address this topic, because I know that there are a lot of people that find this sexual act offensive. Others think it is fine. But, what I have tried to do here at Love Hope Adventure is to just give you the information and you decide what you will do with it.

At the end of the day, the sexual choices you make are really up to you and your spouse. There are definitely some things that people do in their bedrooms that are against scripture, such as looking at porn or inviting others into their rooms.

Should You Have Anal Sex?

When it comes to anal sex, I think some people will say that it is wrong according to the Bible. I don’t personally hold that view and a lot of people done. But, I really think you have to figure that one out on your own. What’s most important is that anything you do in the bedroom with your spouse leaves you feeling good about yourself. So if this act doesn’t, then you should avoid it until it does.

Again, this is a decision that you and your spouse have got to make with one another. There is no way that I, or any other person can decide that for you. I’ve tried to give you the information you need it you were to decide to have anal sex.

You can check out this video I did on anal sex or read the post below.

I do want to give you some tips for great anal sex. Here is what you need to know.

1. You Need the Right Lube

It’s pretty important that you get anal lube like this one- Cleanstream Water-based Anal Lube 8oz. Unlike the vagina, your bum doesn’t produce lubrication. It’s pretty important to have a water-based lube that will not dry out as quickly.

There are some lubes that are supposed to work as analgesics, but seriously, I don’t know if I’d recommend that. If it’s hurting your booty, you need to know.

2. Condoms Are a Good Idea

There is all sorts of bacteria that you are going to come into contact with. Using a condom will protect your husband. It might also help with your comfort levels to have the smoothness of a condom. Go with a condom like this Trojan Condom ENZ Lubricated, 36 Count and not a ribbed one.

Also, using a condom can make this more comfortable for a wife. The ridges of her husband’s penis can be too rough. Smoothing out those ridges can be the difference between her loving anal sex and it hurting her.

3. Avoid Anal Sex If You Are Dealing With Hemorrhoids

This might be a no-brainer, but I thought I’d mention that if you have hemorrhoids that are current flared up or could flare up, you would be better off skipping this activity. Hemorrhoids hurt like crazy when nothing’s happening, so you’re going to be right much pain if you try this out.

Wait until your hemorrhoids go down before having anal sex. Just give your husband a rain check for when you’re feeling better.

4. Go So Very Slow – And Then Slow Down More

Anal sex requires going very slowly. Whatever you think is slow, slow it down even more. Many people do not engage in anal, because it is so painful for them. If it is painful, then you need to re-adjust or stop altogether. Believe me, you don’t want to cause damage to yourself down there.

This is actually one of the reasons that some of the bloggers I follow do not condone anal sex. They feel that the health risks involved are just not worth it. That is why I say it is really important that you go slow and quit if it is painful.

It can be helpful for you to tell your husband to stay still and you push back slowly onto his penis. Even once your spouse gets inside of you, he’s not going to be able to go very fast then, either. At least not until you loosen up over the course of doing this activity more and more. This is why people use butt plugs to stretch their anus.

5. Relax, Relax, Relax

You will have to figure out how to relax yourself. If you tense up during anal, it is going to hurt you and you won’t be successful. Tell your husband to slow down if you aren’t relaxed and wait until you’ve had a chance to regain your composure.

Likely, you’ll feel like you have to poop. It will only be natural for your muscles to push. Just keep reminding yourself to stay relaxed.

6. Use a Vibrator

Consider using a vibrator to stimulate your cliteros while having anal sex. It will help you to enjoy this position more. When you are stimulated, you have the ability to withstand discomfort more. It’ll also combat that feeling of needing to poop.

Here are a few vibrator choices from Married Dance that might work-

Classic Vibrator

Bullet Vibrator

Married Dance has a pretty huge selection of vibrators. Whatever type of vibrator you use, you will need to be able to reach yourself. This will not be something your husband can hold in place for you, because all of his attention will need to be on what he’s doing.

Can You Have Anal Sex And Then Vaginal Sex?

One thing to note is that it is not recommended to have anal sex and then go to vaginal sex without cleaning up with hot soapy water. Spreading the bacteria from back to front can cause urinary tract infections.

Should You Wear Butt Plugs to Loosen Your Anus?

Well…you can wear a butt plug to help loosen your anus if you want to. Some say it is necessary to stretch out your bottom some, but other say it isn’t necessary. If you have never had anything up your bottom before, you might consider trying. This will help you know what to expect.

Do You Need to Use an Enema?

Here’s another one of those questions that have various answers. It would probably be for the best that you aren’t backed up if you are going to engage in anal sex. At least make sure you’ve had a bowel movement during the day at some point.

Some people will use enemas in preparation. I do not have experience with enemas. You just need to make the decision on your own.

Anal Sex Requires a Lot of Preparation, But Can Be Worth It

If you do want to try anal, it will take patience, communication, and a lot of time. Don’t think this will be something that you can just spring on your spouse. You’ll need to set up a night when you try and make sure you have all of the things needed.

It can be really rewarding, though, so if you’ve been thinking about trying it, then I recommend you put in the time and effort to figure it out. Come at it with the mindset that this can be an adventure and something you and your spouse figure out together.

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  1. Butt (sorry, I had to) this is only 1/2 of the story.

    What about all kinds of anal play for the husband?

    Like nipples, the anus has a lot of nerve endings that are very pleasurable. And it has nothing to do with being gay or wanting gay sex ….whether it’s only a finger or a vibrator or a dildo or a strap-on. sometimes just being touched in that area is extra intimate because it is usually off-limits and brings a new level of pleasure and intimacy for both partners.

    Well written post by you – no matter what your thoughts are with regards to what I’ve written.

    1. Hi Chuck, thanks for the feedback! I haven’t actually done an article for anal play for husbands. I should add tips in here for husbands as well. That would make a lot of sense. 😀

      1. Well you have my email if you want to ask me any questions for your research.

        By the way, again – very well written post. Well thought out, good options, you obviously did your homework.

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