Anniversary Gifts By The Year Married

Have you ever heard of giving gifts based on the year that you are married? My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and it’s the only one that I know what you’re supposed to give- gold. 

Today, I invited Francesca Bjorkegren on today to share her gift roundup with us. Here’s what she suggests: 

Giving anniversary gifts based on the year is a special way to create a memorable year. I Just Love It has recently created an Anniversary: Gifts by Year guide detailing the traditional gifts for wedding anniversaries, right up until the 50th. They know that it’s hard to think of different gifts for your partner or family member each year, so the guide will help with those tricky in-between years, like 11th, 13th, 29th, and 23rd – who knows those?!

From the traditional gift for each year, the team at I Just Love It has come up with creative ideas that suit the theme of the year, as well as listing the color traditionally used for the yearly celebration. 

In this guest post, they’ve put together some of the best creative suggestions from the guide, but if they don’t take your fancy, take a look at their selection of personalized wedding gifts here.

1st Anniversary – Cotton

Colour: Yellow

Popular Gift Suggestion: Blanket

Our Suggestion: Personalized pillowcases

Cotton is the traditional gift for a first wedding anniversary, so perhaps the gift would be a blanket. Why not go one step further with pillowcases or duvet cover. To add a special touch, you can personalize the bed set with initials, a quote you both love or just simply the traditional ‘his’ and ‘hers’. However you decide to show your love on this set, it’ll be sure to make you smile every day remembering that special day one year ago.

10th Anniversary – Tin

Color: Silver

Popular Gift Suggestion: Diamond jewelry

Our Suggestion: Tea set

Tin may seem like an odd gift choice to celebrate a decade of marriage, but the meaning is what makes it great – durable and flexible, it can go that little bit further, much like your marriage after a decade. Mark this anniversary with something that you wouldn’t normally buy – a tea set would be a great way to celebrate the occasion, treat yourself to some nice tea and biscuits!

15th Anniversary – Crystal

Color: Ruby Red

Popular Gift Suggestion: Ornamental plate or crockery set 

Our Suggestion: Watch 

The traditional gift for 15 years of marriage is a watch – a practical gift that can be worn every day (if it’s liked!) and will remind your spouse or family member of the gift and special anniversary every time they put it on in the morning. Watches also make a perfect gift as they suit every budget, style or taste.

20th Anniversary – China

Color: Emerald Green or White

Popular Gift Suggestion: China tea sets or plates

Our Suggestion: China flowers

20 years, 2 decades! The traditional gift for this celebration is China, and we’re sure that after this amount of time you’ve probably already got a tea set or lovely plates to use, so why not invest in china flowers? These can be put on display all year round, reminding you of the amazing marriage you’ve had so far!

21st Anniversary – Brass or Nickel

Color: Orange

Popular Gift Suggestion: Brass candlesticks

Our Suggestion: Coin of the year you married

Whilst there isn’t a gift traditionally associated with the US or UK for a 21st anniversary, the modern gift calls for gifts that are made from Brass or Nickel. A great idea is to track down a coin with the year you were married in, or create a unique set of cufflinks with a coin design. Both of these ideas would become a lovely talking point and a gift idea that you won’t have given before.

30th Anniversary – Pearl

Color: Green 

Popular Gift Suggestion: Pearl or Mother of Pearl jewelry

Our Suggestion: Choose your own Pearl

Our suggestion of choosing your own pearl is a great gift option as it can be an experience you enjoy together or something that can be a surprise gift. Picking out the pearl and oyster is a set price, with jewelry options that can suit every budget and style. 

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