Anonymous Questions – When She’s Not Interested in Sex

In this episode we are going to answer two reader questions. Here are the questions we tackle in today’s show. 

Anonymous Question

My spouse doesn’t initiate sex, and isn’t interested in sex. The current excuse is because she says I am not emotionally present enough in the relationship and she doesn’t feel connected. When I try to ask what I need to do to be connected, I am told I should have never started a business that requires me to travel. She says that because I travel, (maybe 10 days per month average), she feels abandoned. She wants me to quit my company I started in favor of getting a job that lets me be home each night. Even when i am home, she isn’t interested in sex. She doesn’t let me see her naked (body image issues? Maybe?). And she gets mad when I try to initiate. Help!! My marriage is on the ropes and it totally sucks. We have 3 kids, btw. It makes sense why she’s upset when I travel 😉 but the lack of sex is very unfortunate. My wife is an ultra hot babe. Should I act less interested?

Anonymous Questions

My wife and i have been married for over 10 years.  We have three kids and an amazing marriage.  My wife is an amazing mother and the best wife a guy could ask for.  On top of all that, she is smoking HOT!  We do, like all marriages, have some tension from time to time but nothing that a commited relationship cannot work through.  One of the areas that can often be a hot topic is around sex and specifically her pleasure.  She has never had an orgasm and that really bothers me (it does not seem to bother her though). I would love to be able to work through your recent post about womens orgasms with her but i dont think that would be accepted very well.  I think it would leave her feeling like she is not good enough, and that i am always trying to “fix” her.  We regularly have sex twice a week but it is scheduled and i feel like it is out of duty on her part.  Most often sex is based around my orgasm.  Once I am done, we can move on to other things.  She does not seem to mind that she is not experiencing pleasure from sex all the time, but it does bother me. 

Should i just leave well enough alone, and continue on the way things are, or should i find some ways to encourage her to learn about her sexuality in a way that does not male her feel like she is a failure and that she is not good enough?

Here is the link to the Orgasm Guide the reader mentioned.

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