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This is one of those great ideas I have found while searching around online for ways to encourage my husband. I’ve always been the one to come up with fun and creative gifts to give for every occasion. Not everyone out there feels they can make fun and creative gifts for the one’s they love. Personally, these days I’m most interested in gifts that can be put together very quickly.

What You Will Need For the Bad Day Box

This bad day box that I found is really simple to make. Any box would do for this project, but if you want to make it more special, then you’ll need to decorate the outside. You could easily decorate it with scrapbooking paper. If you are like me, you own a ton of scrapbook stuff, but not a single scrapbook has ever been put together. Then you just need to choose some of your loved one’s favorite things to put inside. Think about their favorite candy, fun music, a movie they might enjoy, whatever it is that would make them feel happier on a bad day.

Who Do You Give The Bad Day Box To

You could easily take this concept and turn it into a gift for a friend or any person you care about, not just a spouse. I’ve had friends in my life that I wanted to cheer up when they were feeling down. It is also a fun idea to attach small notes to each item to share why you included the gift in the box. For one friend I was trying to encourage, I put a bag of bacon bits in the box. I attached a note that said, “Bacon Makes Everything Better”.

Whoever you decide to make this box for, they are sure to enjoy it. You can have a lot of fun figuring out what to include. I find that when I am doing something nice like this for someone else, I always end up walking away feeling very rewarded. Encouraging others has boosted my spirit on a number of occasions.


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