Why My Decision to Be a Work From Home Mom Was The Best Decision I Made

Why Becoming a Work From Home Mom Was The Best Decision I Made

My mom didn’t work outside of the home until I turned 16. I was the youngest of 5, so she had not worked out of the home for over 25 years. What a huge privilege this was for me and I’ve reaped the benefits for her decisions all of my life.

Here’s the thing, just because my mom stayed home with us, didn’t mean she didn’t work. My mom is a very hard working and rarely ever slowed down.

During different seasons of my mom’s life, she found ways to make money from home. She earned by teaching piano lessons, driving her personal vehicle to pick up kids for private school, and taking in sewing.

It was my goal to follow in her footsteps by staying home with my kids, homeschooling them, and finding ways to earn.

Finding ways to earn was the biggest struggle. I was shocked at how hard it was and felt very discouraged. In November of 2013, I finally found a way to make a legit income from home. I offered my writing services on Fiverr.com.

I Had a Rocky Start

When I took out those gigs on Fiverr, I had no idea what to expect. I figured it wouldn’t amount to anything, because it wasn’t the first time I had tried to write for money. To my utter surprise, my gigs took off and suddenly I had more work than I could manage.

I was overwhelmed by this new job and had no clue what I was doing. My clients were asking for a lot of things that I had never heard of. I didn’t know what SEO, copywriting, copyscape, or readability was- and it was making my head spin.

Why I Stuck With It

Even though working as a freelance writer was completely new to me and I didn’t have an instruction book, it met a lot of needs for me. First and foremost, it met our financial need. For the first 5 months, the money I was earning went into savings and helped to cover a few things we were short on.

Then, a huge life change happened for us. Austin left his full time job at the church to pursue other things. This was a very difficult decision, and one of the hardest times in our marriage.

All of a sudden, the money I was earning wasn’t extra- rather absolute necessity. This wasn’t the first financial crisis we had gone through, but definitely the easiest one.

I stuck with the writing and building of my business, because we needed the income. However, through this job, it was meeting other needs in me as well.

I Regained a Sense of Purpose

As a mom of three young kids, I spent my days cleaning house, wiping bums, and making food (so much food). While I always wanted to be a stay at home mom, I knew it would be hard for me, because I’m not a baby person. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, but babies and preschoolers are very hard for me.

When I took on this job, I felt like I had a sense of purpose again. Of course, taking care of my children was very important, but it didn’t make me feel accomplished. I could tell myself all day long how important it was for me to do those things, I just wasn’t feeling it.

A Job Gave Me Something Else to Focus On

There were so many difficult things going on in our lives when Austin made a job change. Having the job gave me something else to focus on, besides the difficult things we were facing. I know that having something to occupy my mind really helped me get through that period.

In fact, Austin and I became so busy with trying to pay the bills, that we didn’t have a chance to fight much for a few months. That was a very good thing for our marriage, because we both needed to get some distance from our hurts.

Freelance Writing Opened Up New Opportunities

Austin had been after me for years to start a blog. I didn’t have any interest in doing that, because I’m so tech stupid. No, seriously- even a dummies guide is too advanced for me.

After a year of freelance writing, I had enough confidence to start my own blog. That is where Love Hope Adventure was born.

I’m so thankful that I made the decision to start this blog. I know that a lot of people have read our marriage tips and played our sexy bedroom games. When you guys write in and share with me that something I’ve said or done has impacted you, it truly blesses my heart.

It is amazing how God opened the doors for me to have this ministry. I had really lost my hope for a while, but it has been restored. A lot of it has to do with the opportunities I’ve been given through becoming a work from home mom. 


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