I am freaking excited to introduce to you Daniel and Emily, the creators of Ultimate Intimacy, to you today. These guys have been following along here on Love Hope Adventure for a while and just released a new bedroom game. Of course I have to have them come on and share their story! You guys know how much I love sexy bedroom games.

Daniel is going to tell us how one divine meeting with another couple completely rocked his marriage…in a transformational way!

Here’s what Daniel has to say-

I married my best friend, Emily, nearly 14 years ago. There’s never dull moment in our home — we have six busy children, and are still shrugging our shoulders as to how that happened!

We’ve always had a great relationship. We’ve been through a lot together, and have been very blessed. But we never realized what we were missing.

One Day A Work Project Changed My Life

I run a web and mobile development company, and as an entrepreneur and tech guy, I meet with people often who share their ideas and hire my team for custom development. A sweet couple came into my office last December asking if we program mobile games. They didn’t go in depth about their game concept at that time. We thought we were going to get to work on a video game (which is every nerd’s dream project, of course). We met again after the new year.

The wife started by sharing her story in discussing her idea about a bedroom game to strengthen marriages and add spice and fun to the bedroom. They talked about how their own marriage benefited tremendously since they found a game that made it feel safe to share and connect intimately. They wanted to create something Christian-friendly that would help strengthen marriages by through greater sexual fulfillment in marriage.

A Moral Dilemma

I didn’t know there were such things as “bedroom games!” I’ve never felt safe searching online for sex-related topics, feeling like it was a field of landmines. Was it right in the sight of God for us to seek for information about sexuality in marriage? Was it right for me to take on this project?

God answered our prayers in many ways. We gained a conviction that God did indeed ordain sex for marriage, that it was very good in his sight, and wants his children to enjoy it to the fullest. We were also led to excellent sources of information through books, marriage counseling professionals, and a Christian community online (such as Love Hope Adventure).

How One Bedroom Game Completely Changed Our Marriage

Our marriage was transformed! With our intimacy now at a whole new level, everything else in our lives seemed to improve — our children were happier, there was more peace in the home, and even the dishes were getting done (which is an accomplishment with six kids!), and my wife and I were feeling more whole.

To me, my wife had never seemed more beautiful than ever. Our hearts never felt so closely knit together. All those lovely, giddy, twitterpated feelings from early in our marriage were back and stronger than ever! ….and I want to be with her for all eternity.

We Wanted Every Couple To Experience This

Now that we tasted the fruits (and found it was sweet and good), we felt a strong desire to share it with others. We partnered with that awesome couple that came up with the app concept. As part of our research, we consulted with over a dozen marriage therapists and professionals. We wanted to make sure the information in the app was accurate and founded on evidence-based, correct principles.

Nine Months Later, Ultimate Intimacy Was Born 

…and like having a baby, nine months after our initial meeting our app was released! The Ultimate Intimacy app is for married couples that want to spice things up in the bedroom, finish date night with fireworks, and enjoy deeper intimacy in their marriage. The app consists of:

  • A bedroom game that progresses from romance, to foreplay, all the way to hot & heavy, with over 150 actons!
  • Over 200 conversation starters to enable those deep conversations that build trust and emotional intimacy
  • Resources on anatomy, technique, date ideas, sexy dares, and ideas to build emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy in marriage
  • Recommended Products because variety adds vitality to the marriage!

Want to see the inside the app? Check out this youtube video-

Here’s Where You Get it

Go to www.ultimateintimacy.com or download it through the pictures below:

Daniel Purcell is a proponent of marriage and families, and co-founder of the Organization for Adding Strength to Marriages, the creators of the Ultimate Intimacy app.  He’s also the founder and CEO of Velocity, a web and mobile app development company based in St George, Utah. He’s an outgoing introvert, likes to run, and most of all enjoys spending time with his amazing wife and six wonderful children. You can get in touch with him on LinkedIn.

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