Bedroom Games Library

Games in the Bedroom?

Whenever we read articles about “how to spice things up in bed,” they inevitably go down one of two paths – watch porn together or invite more people into your sex life; and put on leather and break out the handcuffs!

We take a different approach at Love Hope Adventure.  We challenge each other and our readers to get really creative in the bedroom.  But where to start?  That’s why we’ve created this library of games for you and your lover to try out.

Take a look through the different sections of our library, pick one (or a few!) to try out, and click the link to open the pdf file.  Download the file and print it out, and you’re all set to start playing some games that will change your love life!

Truth or Dare

Silly teenagers, Truth or Dare is for marriage!

We’ve taken this game to a whole new level, and it’s become our number 1 fan-favorite!

sexy truth or dare for couples in the bedroom love hope adventure

Truth or Dare for Couples – Our Truth or Dare is designed for intimate conversations as well as hot foreplay with your lover.  Ready to dare your spouse to try something new?

Truth or Dare for Couples – Part 2 – We enjoyed Truth or Dare so much, we had to make a second volume! Play this one by itself, or combine it with the original.

Truth or Dare for Couples – DIY Edition – We just couldn’t keep all the fun to ourselves.  We did the design work for you, now you fill in the good stuff.  Throw these into one or both of the previous decks to spice things up, or play you very own DIY Edition all by itself.

Board Game

The original Love Hope Adventure bedroom game!  We designed this game for some friends, and tested it out ourselves before giving it as a gift.  It was a huge jump forward in our sex life, so we decided to make more.
it's getting hot in here couples bedroom game love hope adventure

Couples Board Game – It’s Gettin Hot In Here – Carve out some time for this one!  The point of this game is to take your time and get your creativity flowing for foreplay. You can play one of two ways: Austin’s way – stick to the rules closely to prolong the anticipation for an awesome pay off, or Keelie’s way – play it a little loose with the rules, get creative, and jump to the big finish whenever you can’t take it anymore. Either way, “it’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes!”

Couples Board Game – It’s Getting Hot In Here, DIY Edition – We believe in helping couples build their own creativity in the bedroom. That’s why we always make a DIY Edition of, or a fill-in-the-blank element to our games. The board, instructions, and blank cards are all designed for you. Fill in the missing spaces on the board, create your own His/Her Choice cards, and start heating things up!

Card Game

Our card games each follow a theme based on their suit.  Pick a suit, and explore different avenues of foreplay! Each suit builds as you go up the numbers and into the face cards.

kiss me I'm irish free printable

Couples Card Game Hearts – Tantalizing Treats on Valentine’s Day – A tasty dessert to end your Valentine’s Day plans.  In our Hearts suit, you’ll engage each of your senses in the bedroom.

Couples Card Game Clubs – Kiss Me I’m Irish – Our Clubs suit is perfect for an after-hours St. Patty’s Day celebration with your lover. How many ways can you use kissing in foreplay? You’re about to find out!

Couples Card Game Diamonds – Sexy Conversations on Your Anniversary – Anniversaries are a great time to slow down with your spouse and reflect on the past and look ahead to the future. Spend some time going deeper in intimate conversation with our Diamonds suit.  You may find some conversations you’ve never had before.

Couples Card Game Spades – Sexy Picture Dares – Ready to make some visual memories? Our Spades suit will dare you and your lover to capture sexy pics of your intimate moments.  You’ll love looking back on these hot photos with your spouse.  Consider a private app like the Couple app to share password protected pics with your spouse.

Couples Card Game, The Full Deck – You’ve played the individual suits, now it’s time to mix things up! This game comes with it’s own set of instructions that will have your creative foreplay combining all the themes you’ve explored so far.