Benefits of Dating Someone in the Military

Check out this guest post on the benefits of dating someone in the military.

Benefits of dating someone in the military

Having a handsome, uniformed soldier by your side is a dream for most women. This obsession with uniforms gives has a very logical explanation – women see protectors in these guys. As they are trained to defend their country, so will they love and care for their loved ones. Also, military men have specific forms of behavior, a code of honor, and principles. What more could a woman want?

There’s even a scientific explanation for this type of obsession that you can read about on the following link:

The uniform is an expression of authority, respect, and admiration. Such clothing instills confidence and commits one who wears it to act honorably and professionally. However, a man in uniform is still only a man. Many women want a soldier beside them because they behave the same way, whether they are in service or civilian life.

They apply a pattern of behavior adopted in the military in all segments of life. It may seem to some as overly rigorous and robotic behavior, but there are a lot of good points to it. Ladies who date or are married to army guys agree that loving a soldier is an exceptional and memorable experience.

You Fall in Love All Over Again


Distance is not always a bad thing if you are assured in love between you and your beloved soldier. Being separated from time to time because of their job or mission can bring many benefits to your relationship. Each new reunion can fire up your feelings, and you can keep love remotely during this period. Advice on how to make your long-distance relationship work, check here.

Modern technologies are on your side. Social networks, texting services, and even good old SMS are ways to stay in touch. Even just for saying a ‘good morning’ and a ‘good night.’ Keep in mind that your loved ones, due to official duties, probably don’t have time to chat with you all day long. So be patient if he doesn’t reply to you within a minute.

Every new meeting after a few months is a trigger for gentle feelings. Partners have confirmed that they feel a rush of emotions every time they see their darling in uniform. Love and tenderness are there again. The hugs are stronger, the kisses are sincerer, and the passion between you is more powerful than ever.

Their Discipline Affects You in a Good Way

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When you spend a lot of time with someone, you unconsciously start to resemble each other. Adopting some ‘soldier’ ​​habits will not hurt you. On the contrary, your uniformed lover will have a very positive influence on you and your behavior. It may be annoying sometimes, but for love’s sake, be prepared for that ‘sacrifice.’

The soldiers are decent and disciplined. They strive to respect each interlocutor. They will introduce you to anyone they start a conversation with. They will pull out your chair when you need to sit down. And they’ll get up when you get up. 

The values ​​taught in the military are slightly neglected in modern society. Many women didn’t face these behavior patterns, so they’ll feel a bit odd at first. Over time, they’ll get used to these things and feel nice about them.

With a soldier by your side, you will also be compassion, polite, friendly, but also serious when the situation requires it. You will attend military balls where you will be ‘forced’ to say hello to everyone, especially the senior soldiers. Military life is specific, but in a good way, if you accept it for the sake of your loved one.

You’ll Have Tender Lover by Your Side


Although you might think at first that soldiers are cold and rude, the reality is much different. Guys in service, especially if they’ve witnessed unpleasant and traumatic events while on missions, are great empaths. They feel what their loved ones feel, but much stronger than civilians.

A soldier will never let you down on purpose. They know to value their partners and all the sacrifices they endure for their love. Not every woman will agree to live an army life, regardless of their emotions. Distance, distrust, jealousy, or whatever the reason is, these ladies will rather give up on their love than to wait for their soldier.

Feeling lonely and forbid, guys in the army are often forced to search for artificial, ‘instant’ love on social networks, or top military dating websites. That is why they especially appreciate women who are ready to accept them as they are, with all the good and bad sides of their professional service.

Soldiers Have Your Back

The years spent in the service have made soldiers know best what it means to have the support and someone to rely on. These are things military personnel wants to have it in their life partner; in return, they are willing to give a lot more. 

Army guys are supportive, like no other. They will encourage you in your decision to lose weight; they will even help you with tips and instructions. You will get the wind in back to enroll in that language course you’ve doubted about for years. Your apple pie will get a lot of compliments even though you know it’s unbaked – so they give you support to keep trying. Simply, a soldier is not only a kind and passionate lover but also the best friend a woman can have.

But the soldier’s patience also has limits, and below you’ll find a list of things they don’t want in their partners:

In the end, even though your army guy is your hero, they are still made of flesh and blood. Like all of us, they long for the love, tenderness, kind words, and a home that will be their refuge from the harsh life and reality they see in their service.

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