Between The Periods

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I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the whole spicing things up in the bedroom. I actually wrote a post about this last week. One of the things I addressed in that post is the question of why do people want to spice things up in their love lives?

Motivation Behind Spicing Up the Bedroom

I started to address this in my post last week…the motivation behind spicing things up. There are two main reasons that I think people search out ways to make their love making more exciting.


They have the hots for each other and want to be more passionate.

I usually fall into this category. I love my husband and he loves me. We have worked really hard over the years to build an intimate relationship, one that carries on in the bedroom. 

When I’m looking for things to spice up my sex life, it is to enhance what we already have going on between us.

Then there is the other group.

People That Feel Bored in the Bedroom

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I’ve read a lot of comments that suggest that some people are bored in the bedroom. They claim their spouse only likes vanilla sex.

Honestly, I’m not positive what vanilla sex is. I am thinking it is a person’s way of saying, “I’m not getting satisfied during our love making”.

They aren’t getting satisfied in the bedroom so they think that hotter sex is all they need.

It is my opinion that having hotter sex can work for one night or two, but it is not the solution to your problems. If you aren’t getting satisfied in the bedroom, then you need to figure out why.

Maybe you are lacking intimacy in marriage or emotional connection. What goes on outside of the bedroom has a lot to do with what happens in the bedroom. If you aren’t feeling connected to your spouse, then your sex life is going to seem routine and boring.

Between The Periods

So, Austin and I have been playing around with the idea of vanilla sex and what would a month of vanilla do for our marriage. We’ve decided to make a month long commitment to only having vanilla sex. That means, guy on top girl on bottom PIV (guy parts in girl parts). Or you can call it missionary position (but I feel revolted by that name.)

Of course, at some point, I’m going to have a period, and that is going to mess up our rhythm. So, we have decided between my periods, we are going to commit to daily vanilla sex. I know that there may come a day we have to skip, but the goal is to shoot for every day.

I have this idea that if you are being physically intimate every day, you are going to see a big change in your sex life. My hope is that we will be just as satisfied with our love life at the end of the challenge as we are any other time.

If you are game, I would love for others to join in the challenge. This could be the game changer you need to spice up your love life. In the middle of vanilla sex, you might find that it is the most intimate place you can be with your spouse. 




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