Body Jewelry Makes Great Lingerie

I really love to wear big pieces of jewelry that stand out. Certain types of jewelry can take a simple outfit and turn it into something that is dressed up.

I’ve had some pieces that hook around my neck and hang down to my waist like a shirt. That’s why I wanted to try this jewelry shirt. (ignore the scantily clad women).

Big Jewelry Makes Great Lingerie

Finding lingerie that fits can be a challenge. I’ve said before that jewelry can be a great alternative to lingerie. Accessories are a great alternative for guys for lingerie, too. Seeing as how there is very little in the way of lingerie options for men, accessories is about all you have anyways.

Use Jewelry as a Tease

If you have a piece of jewelry that you generally wear during sex, why not wear it out on date night. It is a great way to tease your spouse and build anticipation for what’s to come later on. Besides, jewelry can be out in the open and no one will even know what’s going on.

Here’s a picture of my new jewelry shirt on our date out in San Francisco. As you can see, it’s completely appropriate!

body jewelry can be used as lingerie and out in public

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