Bond As A Family With These Ideas

Are you looking for ways that you can bond more as a family? Shared experiences is a great way to make that happen. I invited Jessica Hurse on today to share with us a few activities that she suggests.

Here’s what she has to say-

Sometimes it can be quite tough finding things to do with your family. You go through the worst together, so you should be able to go through the good times too. To make the times extra good, it is worth thinking of things that you can do, things you can bond over and help the kids explore new things.

Bonding over these are also good for your married life, you can come closer together through the completion of fun tasks. Here are some good bonding ideas to get you started.


Something one of you will do more often than the other. But, get the family together and get into the kitchen and make some food. The best bet is to try and make cakes or other types of sweets because it gives your children more incentive to get involved.

If you are vegetarian or vegan it is still possible, you can see by checking out this video from CakeJournal. It can be messy fun, in which the end result is something tangible. The kids will learn a skill and you would have bonded with them in the process. And of course, the best reward of all is the cake at the end.


Go Camping

family camping trip

The ability to go and enjoy camping is more important than ever these days, primarily because it can help get your kids and partner off their phones for a while. The shock of no technology can be a pretty big hit at first, but if you have chosen the right location and you have things to do then it can be amazing.

Take ball games and maybe fishing rods and really try to make fun memories. Actually, using a collapsible fishing rod would be really great for packing.

You can take a BBQ to make your own food or explore the restaurants in the area you are camping. It can be a real treat to the kids and an excuse to just get lost in nature. Do your research, check the weather and all will be fine.

Family Game Night

Sure, it may spark a few outcries of despair when you lose, but bonding over a good old fashioned board game can be really fun. Choose a board game appropriate for all age groups and delve into it. Keeping everyone away from a screen of some sort can do wonders and you can make it a weekly event in which the choice of game switches between members of your family. This way, the kids will always get their turn.

Go On An Adventure

Getting lost in an off road vehicle can be a great day for the kids. Perhaps you can take them down to the beach and soak up some rays and build some sand castles or if you’re lucky enough to live next to a real castle then go there instead and explore. Break the day up with some food in a pub or eatery and then continue. Making memories like this will really last a lifetime and you broaden your children’s minds while you’re at it.

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