How to Do a Breast Massage

Are you looking for a breast massage video that will show you how to massage your wife’s breasts? Denis, the owner of Melt Massage, but together a video showing you how to do that. Don’t worry, it’s not graphic, but it does give you the information you need to do a breast massage your wife will love.

Also, so you know, Melt Massage puts out video courses that teach you how to massage your spouse. I have gone through the course and done these massages for Austin in the past. You can check out my honest review about the massage videos here.

Denis also releases really high-quality videos on his YouTube Channel. He put a breast massage video that you can see here.

He goes through the tutorial on the streets of Spain. Breast massage is so important! For one, it can be used as an early detection of cancer or cysts. Also, it can help you restore lost breast tissue and increase your breast size and fullness.

How to Do a Breast Massage

There are a few ways to do breast massage. It’s going to depend on what you’re trying to accomplish.

If it is for the purpose of stimulating blood flow, you will:

  • Cup your left hand on the underside of your boobs.
  • Cup your right hand on the top side.
  • Massage in a rotating motion.
  • Press firmly, but not too hard.
  • Do this for about two minutes.
  • You can oil up your hands to do this or do it in the shower with soap.

Another reason that people do this type of massage is for lymphatic drainage. Here’s a video for breast massage for lymphatic drainage. She does a good job showing you how to rub the lymph nodes and for how long.

For sexual pleasure, your spouse can:

  • Start by adding oil to their hands.
  • Use both hands to gently cup the breasts on either side.
  • Lightly glide across the sides and nipple.
  • Once the nipples show arousal, gently brush the fingers across them.

If you want to check out more massage videos for the full body, go to Melt Massage here. Want the most amazing oils for massage? Check out the Melt Massage blends on Amazon here.

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