How to Do Breathwork For Better Orgasms

I was talking with Jay Dee over at Uncovering Intimacy about his latest survey about making noise during sex. When you look at the results of the survey, women predominantly make noises during sex versus men. I told him that I believe this is because women, whether they realize it or not, need to breathe more deeply to orgasm. So, they instinctively tend to make more noises because it gives their body what they need. That’s why breathwork can actually give you a better orgasm.

Then I realized that there’s this very simple tip to have stronger orgasms that I haven’t talked about…and that’s breathwork. 

What is Breathwork?

Essentially, breathwork refers to any type of intentional breathing. This could be the type of breathing that you are taught in Lamaze classes to help you give birth. 

My mom actually taught me breathwork when I was a child (it wasn’t called this back then, btw). I had very bad asthma and when I was in the middle of an asthma attack, it was natural for me to hold my breath. And…because I held my breath it caused me to struggle to breathe more and lead to panic…which made it even more difficult to breathe. So, to help me calm down and get the air I needed, my mom taught me to close my eyes and breathe in deeply and out deeply. 

A lot of people use breathwork as a way to calm down when they are upset. Also, they use it for relaxing during meditation. But, how many people have thought to use breathwork during sex to have a better orgasm? 

Why Does Breathwork Cause You to Have a Stronger Orgasm?

When you breathe deeply into your stomach, it helps you to relax more and decrease the tension or stress you have built up in your body. This is why it’s used as a technique to help you calm down. By calming yourself down and focusing on your breathing, you can also focus on the feeling you are experiencing in your genital area. 

Oxygen is needed for you to have an orgasm. Holding your breath will not only keep you from sending oxygen to the places in your body that need it to reach orgasm, but it also keeps you from relaxing. 

How to Breathe During Sex

If you are a husband and you need to last for your wife to have an orgasm, then I do not recommend you start breathing deeply. This will make it a lot harder for you to hold off. When either person in the marriage is ready to orgasm, here’s what you can try: 

  • Close your eyes and visualize your vagina or penis. 
  • Pay attention to how that part of your body feels.
  • Take a slow, deep breath in and hold it for a second. 
  • Slowly breathe out and let your body relax. 
  • Continue to pay attention to how your genitals feel and keep your mental focus on that area.
  • Take another deep breath, but a little faster this time and don’t hold as long. 
  • Let it out a bit faster and then immediately take another big, deep breath.
  • Keep breathing deeper and add in sounds until you reach orgasm. 

You can do this same technique if you are receiving oral sex, manual stimulation, or using a vibrator.

Hopefully, you can use this simple tip to help you achieve orgasms when it’s hard for you to get there as well as have stronger orgasms when you have them.  

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