Brilliant Birthday Gift Ideas For Every Season

Brilliant Birthday Gift Ideas For Every Season

Gift ideas can be tough. Keelie will tell you, I struggle with this aspect of holidays and birthdays. If you’re like me, we’ve got a list of ideas for every season of the year, courtesy of Janice. I especially like her non-gift gifts – those that are event based instead of thing based. Get your mental checklist of loved ones ready and check out her article below.

When it comes to giving gifts to friends and loved ones, picking something special to them is key. You’ll also want to give them something they can use often, and enjoy using! Or, you’ll want to give the gift of a special day and memory!

There is a good chance that your closest friends have birthdays spread through the year. Maybe you have a lucky one who gets a summer birthday. Maybe an unlucky one who shares theirs with Christmas day!

No matter the seasons that you’re buying and giving your gift in, here are some special gift ideas for every season!

Birthday gift ideas for fall

Fall is a season all about coziness, warmth and chilled nights at home. So, a gift that understands and accommodates for this is a good idea! How about giving your friend a really soft and high-quality blanket? You could have it made with their initials on one corner, or in their favorite color.

Apply the same logic to other items like this. How about a cute set of cushions, or a brightly colored rain coat! Do they love to go out stomping in the leaves and puddles of fall? A pair of brightly colored, awesome Dublin River Boots are sure to be a treat!

Birthday gift ideas for winter


Winter has to be one of the easiest times of the year to buy gifts for people. The shops and stores are stacked high with gift sets and special sections for each gender, age and taste.

If you have a friend who loves sharing their birthday with Christmas, add to their Christmas collection! Go for Fun Christmas Ornaments and trinkets. Or you could go for a colorful wreath or some multicolored fairy lights for their garden.

Another great gift idea for this time of year is to take them out for a warming glass of mulled wine, or a creamy hot chocolate. That way, you get to give them a gift and spend time together! The weather outside might be totally miserable and gloomy, but you’re sure to put a smile on your friend’s face.

Birthday gift ideas for spring

spring flowers

Spring is a season all about new life and the forthcoming lighter and brighter weather. So, think about gifts and experiences that represent this! Spring colors should be light and bright, so think pastel shades like soft pink, pale yellow, mint green and baby blue for gifts.

If you want to give them a gift of an experience, how about going to a farm or zoo? There will be loads of cute newborn animals to see. You might even be allowed to feed some of them!

Birthday gift ideas for summer

In the summer, the weather is likely finally good enough have fun out and about in parks, forests, and public gardens. How’s this for a great gift idea? Pick your friend up at their house, armed with a beautiful bunch of summery flowers! Once they’re in some water, take your friend out for an adventure!

Anywhere outdoors with sunshine and nature and fun will be ideal to give them a summer birthday memory they’ll treasure forever!


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